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    Volksworld Show 18-19 March 2023

    I was told it’s the last time it will be there , the LEZ is an assumption as it’s seems a likely reason due to the additional charge , may they should go to good wood :)
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    Volksworld Show 18-19 March 2023

    Apparently not at the racecourse due to LEZ , could be a as good way to revamp it
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    Volksworld Show 18-19 March 2023

    I asked Schofields last year what there pitch was and it was several thousand, plus 6 staff 4 days by the time you’ve loaded , unloaded travelled etc , im sure they were up near £10k for the weekend including staff wages, means hotels etc. adding additional costs by having a 3rd parties 3rd...
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    Parts For Sale very nice cab door

    Very nice cab door , £400 collection near Portsmouth preferred
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    Hello from Germany.

    Nice work
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    Hi all

    Hello , cool bus
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    More stainless clutter

    Are they off the shelf or made for you?
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    Bypass ignition switch with a button

    When I was fault finding and the starter would intermittently work I ran a wire from the starter solenoid terminal into the engine bay , if the starter didn’t turn in The ignition I put the wire in the battery, started every time which discounted the starter , I had a spare ignition I could...
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    Cab door crack.

    There’s metalwork that runs between the inner and outer door skins just under the 1/4 window , it rots and allows the skins to flex then split
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    Reducing interior weight.

    I would weigh everything first you may not gain as much as you think, obviously they need to be rigid enough to be practical too, I think dormobile stuff is more like 5mm with thicker edges
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    Worn sliding door track

    I think you’re making a simple job into something much more complicated than you need to, Ive replaced them due to rot , it’s not to difficult on a bare van , but there’s lots of grinding and a reasonable amount of welding, good luck but I think you’ll be very not to make a mess of your paint...
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    Worn sliding door track

    Changing the rail isn’t all that simple , it’s welded every inch through to the inner panel , protect all the surrounding areas weld up and grind to shape , about an hours work
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    Worn sliding door track

    I’ve repaired a few by building up with weld and grinding/filing to shape
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    Parts Wanted Rear seatbelts

    Might be heritage that supply the raisers as I supply them
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    EarlyBay Nut for Steering Wheel - Cannot Find Anywhere?!

    The spring pushes the collar down to take up the play , either missing will have the same effect
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    sliding door handle help

    You can drill a hole in the collar to access the grub screw , I’ll see if I can find the dimensions