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  1. Boycie1009

    Push button start

    hi jinx my push start button has been fine for years without a h/s relay, but i still use the key in the barrel for ignition
  2. Boycie1009

    Best Quality panels

    i have a nos one i,ve had for 15yrs never used it , klokkerhom one i think its o/s/front flat type if your after one
  3. Boycie1009

    Volksworld Show 18-19 March 2023

    dubs at the pub maybe or what else
  4. Boycie1009

    Volksworld Show 18-19 March 2023

    hi guys great to meet up with you all on saturday , and finally to meet clem i left the sunlander overnight for sunday there as i live 30mins away . i got there sunday at 2pm ish and talking to bar staff, traders like the sticker guy and perma-grit man (bought the carbide tool of him)who said...
  5. Boycie1009

    Wheel Arches are flat on my 1972 Crossover?

    sounds like the crossover mine are flat i have a nos off side one if you need it bought it 18yrs ago klockenthingy one im at sandown this weekend if you are there so could bring it along
  6. Boycie1009

    Your interiors.

    still sorting the interior out
  7. Boycie1009

    NOS early bay Devon curtain material

    hi lobie is it the same mobile he has or have you another contact number for brian graham
  8. Boycie1009

    Volksworld Show 18-19 March 2023

    are we parking up in the same spot as last year
  9. Boycie1009

    Devon cushion

    if you are at vw show sandown in march you can measure and copy mine lon graham
  10. Boycie1009

    Wood colour

    i did mine in rustins medium oak stain then satin laquer spray
  11. Boycie1009

    Christmas gift - VW T2 Cup holders - for sale.

    hi cudak i will have one please pay through flee bay or direct to you graham
  12. Boycie1009


    coops insurance brokers ask for ian did mine for £202 -30k agreed value
  13. Boycie1009

    European Insurance Cover……BE WARNED.

    sorry about accident are marker study for motor trade cos i have a m/trade policy but vw seperate policy try coops ins brokers cheam ian is the md did post it a while back had a row with kgm now with ageas agrred value
  14. Boycie1009

    Post ownership clear out! - All sold.

    looking for front seat belts if there still available
  15. Boycie1009

    Insurance - again

    try coops insurance, md is ian based in churchill road cheam surrey done my van for volks world show in march , 30k agreed value £206.00
  16. Boycie1009

    Door cards

    its called alabaster but all the trim suppliers will call them off white l/grey or beige there the same as my 71 devon sunlander deluxe has the black part at the bottom pm me as a local trimmer is going to do the sliding door panel and he has just made me the cab lining ok budda
  17. Boycie1009

    cab headlining

    thanks for that have dropped it of at local trimmer so will keep you all posted