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    Recommendations for seat repair and reupholstering

    Check out autobahncustoms in Doncaster
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    68 deluxe forsale

    He's sold it
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    interested in gearbox could you send some pics pls Cheers Steve
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    Cluch Cable Relplacing

    Check the shape of the hole at the pedal end where the pin goes (often oval if so weld up ,grind flat and redrill to suit pin)
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    Standard alternator belt size too long

    had the same problem ended up using a 10 x888 belt
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    Our South African 69 Bay

    Hi Marcus thought you'd sold this Steve
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    Which Fan Belt

    Try a 10 x 888 that's the one i'm using Steve
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    steves 67 bay resto thread

    Not finished yet Chris.......winter plans , redo the roof( sunroof going either tintop or if i can find one hi top) gearbox change
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    Fan belt size

    Had the same problem try a 10 x 888
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    What size fan belt do I need

    Had the same problem with this on mine with a non og alternator stand,ended up using a 888 fan belt so i could get some adjustment.
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    1968-71 engine front tin" onclick=";return false;
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    Tin wear wanted.

    campmobile70 and sam YGPM
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    Tin wear wanted.

    if you've got the beetle front tin (over gearbox) i've got a couple of extension pieces sorted,they can be welded or pop riveted on Steve
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    My 68 deluxe

    Looks like its still got some movement on the adjusters Andy
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    Advice on installing oil pressure and temp gauges" onclick=";return false;
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    Advice on installing oil pressure and temp gauges

    Got mine from the states as it was alot cheaper can't remember who from. Think its a VDO 360-006 But there are different pressures for the oil light connection