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  1. Moseley

    Accelerator Cable Broke (threaded section)

    Set the correct tension on the cable by holding the carb fully open, then pull the cable tight at the carb end (so that your accelerator pedal is pulled flat to the floor) and then nip up the clamping bolt. This ensures you’re never over-extending the cable, but also that you’re getting a fully...
  2. Moseley

    Poor quality rocker cover gaskets

    Good news! Even with the aftermarket rocker covers, they have remained leak-free so far. These were installed dry, and no sealant etc. I guess time will tell how they hold up, but I’ll certainly be purchasing more off the back of them immediately outperforming the others I’ve tried.
  3. Moseley

    Sliding door

    What a bizarre thing to have been done by the previous owner - must have been a pain to use the door when facing downhill 😂
  4. Moseley

    Poor quality rocker cover gaskets

    I have sourced some OG ones (that is one of the ones I’ve used in the pictures above) but for the purpose of being scientific, I’m just going to use my existing aftermarket covers with a new gasket (and no sealant) and see what happens.
  5. Moseley

    Poor quality rocker cover gaskets

    Hi folks, Following on from a recent post of mine on here regarding leaking rocker cover gaskets, I was made aware of the poor quality materials being used by most of the major parts suppliers. I have been on the lookout for an alternative, and stumbled across ‘shirley9293’ on EBay, who seems...
  6. Moseley

    What oil?

    Took a bit of searching…
  7. Moseley

    What oil?

    Intrigued to know if this is the same bottle top type that I posted a little while back regarding keeping oil in the bus for top-ups?! I too am a bit sad with things like this 😬
  8. Moseley

    The best awnings ?

    We have a Vango Airhub Hexaway - absolutely love it. Aside from the door connecting to the van, there’s another two doors so it can be opened up like a shelter, or zipped up when it is grim. It’s a decent height and can accommodate a small gathering for a late night lock-in 😂 I believe you can...
  9. Moseley

    Fuel in crank case.

    Check your fuel pump diaphragm as well if you’re still on a mechanical pump. If this is split, it will drain fuel straight into the case.
  10. Moseley

    Pulley advice

    Has your case got a slip-in sand seal added to it? If so, you can carefully remove these, and as long as the case isn’t damaged, an original pulley can then be fitted. I have done the same, the hardest part was removing all the sealant used to hold the sand seal in place without bits dropping...
  11. Moseley

    Parts Wanted Wanted: OG VW rocker covers

    Ever since we’ve had our van, I’ve had to use sealant to stop the leaks, and in fairness, that has kept them dry. But the most recent oil change and both are leaving a puddle after being parked up, despite being religiously cleaned and a smear of Hylomar added (as I’ve always done). I’ve never...
  12. Moseley

    Rear hub noise

    I believe if the splines are allowing even the tiniest amount of rotational play that the rear drum can begin to wear on the inner spacer that it butts up against. The drum will start to be worn down at this point as it moves back and forth, and eventually will lead to it being loose. So...
  13. Moseley

    Parts Wanted Wanted: OG VW rocker covers

    Not much more to say from the title, I’m on the quest to find why I keep getting rocker cover leaks, and I’ve exhausted all possibilities I can think of, other than the aftermarket cheapo covers being of a poor quality pressing. Let me know what you’ve got, ideally close to Worcester / Cardiff...
  14. Moseley

    Home made ?

    Not the best photos, but I like making stuff rather than buying something generic off the shelf:
  15. Moseley

    Ball joint removal

    If you’re talking about your front trailing arm ball joints, then a 10 tonne (minimum) hydraulic press and some offcuts of steel to make sure you can adequately support the arm on it’s ‘ears’ whilst pushing the joint out. If they’ve been in there a long time, they might be stubborn...
  16. Moseley

    Camperjam 2023

    Anyone going this year and anyone displaying? We’ve got tickets for Thursday onwards, but not sure what interest there will be for an ‘Early Bay’ line up on the Saturday. Certainly from the camping side of things, we’ll be aiming for the SSVC / VIP area again, as the club camping pitches /...
  17. Moseley

    Engine cuts out on sudden stops

    Does you bus have a brake servo fitted?
  18. Moseley

    Engine stand needed ..

    No problem, drop me a PM and we can sort arrangements.
  19. Moseley

    Engine stand needed ..

    Likewise, I also have a stand and yoke and I’m based in Worcester if required.
  20. Moseley

    Portable tyre inflator.

    Have you thought about a ‘normal’ car tyre inflator, but buying an adapter that turns a cigarette lighter input, to crocodile clips to pop straight onto your battery? This is what we’ve done, mainly because of not wanting to purchase another device with charger etc.