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    Carburretor Quiz

    Hi Craig, Just a thought what happens to me a few years ago. If the issue is the engine just stops running when getting hot i.e. going up hills or on motorway it may be fuel starvation due to the fuel pump rod getting stuck in the plastic guide. I had it where I had to let the engine cool off...
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    1967 Neptune Blue Deluxe

    Looking really good! What pipe did you use? The braided lines and connectors look the business! I bought two new brake light switches off C&C in 2013/14 and within a few years of minimal use they burst open leaking lots of brake fluid. Good thing I wasn’t going far on that occasion. Picked up...
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    Winnie - Our 1970 Bay

    Your cockpit looks really great! I like your cup holders, my are they missing when you have a drink…
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    Polzeath, Cornwall - this afternoon, not too shabby!

    Was anyone out surfing? Looks a lovely spot to park up and watch the surf. Easy access down to the beach there? Just got back from three weeks near Santander had some good swell roll in during that time, now I’m landlocked again and really missing the ocean…
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    Our 1970 Microbus - North East UK

    Aw welcome to bus ownership, congratulations! What a stunning one at that! And lovely empty beaches especially this time of year. Hope you still jump in yourselves 😁 Cheers Andy
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    Engine cuts out on sudden stops

    Thanks for getting back with your cure as this can help others. Glad you got it sorted. All the best.
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    Northern Spain

    There’s a classic car meet in Noja today just east of Santander. Seem to be all vintage VWs and one Chevy truck 😊. Mostly Beetles, several T3s two T2bs and one T2a, a lovely Doka. First meet organised by these guys and seems to be the only all VW meet in Spain. Local group is called Scrap...
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    Northern Spain

    Hi @Aquilaboy I’m in northern Spain right now, Noja just east of Santander! I love this coast and have been coming to Costa Verde since my late teenage years. My best buddy has a T3 that we drove down yearly back then. Haven’t taken my bus over yet, but difficult with two wee little ones. We...
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    Our Camper - Dorothy, 1970 RHD Devon

    Am I right in thinking cylinders 1 & 3 are the front two cylinders on opposite sides of the engine? Is the garage familiar with old VW engines? As part of a tune up wouldn’t they be replacing all these parts? Haven’t had one done on my engine so no idea. As to your questions I’m sure Karlos or...
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    Found the elusive Idahoan in a Spar 😄
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    Fuel line follow on.

    That’s shocking! The suppliers should be made aware so they stop stocking/selling this unsafe fire hazard…
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    Nice and sunny all day oop North right now. Hope it stays like this for the meet. Have a great time.
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    The best awnings ?

    What’s an Idahoan? I lived close to the border with Idaho, but no clue what’s is needed for the bus 😅
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    Who to trust fitting new clutch?

    Trust yourself. Armed with the idiots guide to VW book and a weekend you should easily be able to do it. It will give you a better insight into your Bus’s mechanicals you can really have a look around to familiarise yourself and most of all building your self confidence and less reliance on...
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    Sliding door

    Hi there Scott, The handle should be pointing down, not towards the back. Just turn it 90 degrees. I haven’t looked in mine, but this May allow the door to stop in time before hitting. There’s a bump stop above it by the black plastic cover. Try it and let us know. Cheers
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    Engine hot?

    Haha, thank you and also Mike, have just re-edited the original post to 0.15mm and 0.10mm.
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    Engine hot?

    Hi all, It’s been a while since posting on here. 126 industrial single port motor with a Solex H30/31 PICT carb, and a 205T vacuum distributor, Bosch blue coil. I’ve got a save my bug dipstick temp ‘sensor’ and it doesn’t show as hot only half or three quarters to the contact point. This year...
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    Heat Exchange Mis fit

    Black dog is selling his older exhaust and heat exchangers. Look old but probably fit well
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    My 68 Westy - as time goes by .....

    Took the bus out again today with three bags to the tip, this time my little one was with me loving the ride again. Asking why has it been so long since last time… It was winter baby 😉
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    Today’s California camping photo

    Absolutely love the photo next to the huge snow bank! What an Awesome trip again! Happy and safe travels!