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  1. Clem

    August 1967 doka

    If you can weld, or can afford to pay someone to weld, then yeah, do it.
  2. Clem

    Any Cruise or Drives planned??

    Get a stick to hold out the window and jam in the wheels to slow you down. It'll be fine!
  3. Clem

    Any Cruise or Drives planned??

    Slough Swapmeet (in Newbury) this Sunday (Nov 26th) for those who want a drive out. Forecast looks dry.
  4. Clem

    1970 westy roof canvas - which brand?

    Mines a Wolfsburg West canvas, though it came from CIP1. I thought most of them were WW canvases? Mines been great, the bright orange has faded despite me treating it when new, but its in good condition and remains weather tight. Reccomended.
  5. Clem

    Recommendation - Paint and Panels - Midlands / Northampton

    @leon ? Midland Paintwerks?
  6. Clem

    Camper Jam

    Well organised event. Nice place. Lots to do - food and entertainment is very good. Fair to say they don’t give a monkeys about old buses these days though.
  7. Clem

    Carburretor Quiz

  8. Clem


    It’s late November, people need to get over camping :LOL:
  9. Clem


    For us West Country folk, its now 40 miles closer :D but, I would say its a much much better event that the last days of Slough.
  10. Clem

    SLOFF Not next Sunday. Not Slough :D
  11. Clem

    Floor standing engine stand

    I use a cheap machine mart one. You have to adapt it a bit and just use three mount points but it’s great after that. Mines had 20 years of use on and off.
  12. Clem

    Windscreen wiper spindle replacement

    I had a spindle snap on mine. I changed it with the dash still in place, it was a few years back but I don't think it was a massive drama.
  13. Clem

    Crossing The Channel

    Seems about right then. It’s bearable for a longer trip but makes weekend expensive…. plus Easter has been hit by massive queues the last couple of years. Darn.
  14. Clem

    Crossing The Channel

    Its been a few years since I did Dover - Calais/Dunkirk, I last went in 2019 - it cost about £60 return on the ferry or £100 on the Eurotunnel. I've just been looking for next year, admittedly its Easter weekend, but I don't seem to be able to get much change out of £300 .... is that about...
  15. Clem

    Parts Wanted Dual port manifold 1600

    Yes, they’ve come from US import buses that have been converted to twin carbs.
  16. Clem

    Heater tubes

    They can be a tight fit but by squeezing them up by the concertina sides is enough. As Oz says, trying warming them up a bit? (If this is the issue).
  17. Clem

    Starter motor stuck on

    Over time Ive managed to get the knack of lightly getting the nut onto the d-bolt enough to be able to pull it into place whilst tightening it up ... use a flexi head ratchet spanner to fully tighten. In the Airmighty magazine a while back, MarCo's tech tips suggested using superglue to hold...
  18. Clem

    Parts Wanted Dual port manifold 1600

    I have some, do you know what type you want - with vacuum take off? Do you want ends as well?
  19. Clem

    Tyre size and Handling

    The load rating arguments have been done to death. They wont be making the van veer about, so lets focus on that? Cheers