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  1. Patchwork.Hippie

    Underseat storage

    Hi all, I've been debating putting some storage in the void underneath the inside of my front seats. Has anyone tried this and if so was it succesful? Thanks in Advance Lee
  2. Patchwork.Hippie

    Parts For Sale Westfalia pop top for sale

    Westfalia pop top, comes with all metal work and Bunk panels. Needs a little TLC. Open to offers
  3. Patchwork.Hippie

    1970 Scooby Powered Hightop

    Hi all, I've decided to start this thread to document what we've done on our scoobied Bay. This is a pic from the actual sales listing, I have a lot more pics to upload very soon, I got him in Sept 2022 and plan on completely rebuilding him. Today I got rid of the poptop and put a Sheldon...
  4. Patchwork.Hippie

    Hi all

    Hi all, I've been a member a while but this is one of my first posts. We've got a 1970 bay that I'm in the process of converting to a hightop from a westfalia pop. We were aiming to try and keep it as original as possible but it has a 2l scooby engine in it so we will never get it back to...
  5. Patchwork.Hippie

    T2 High top

    Hi all, I'm tempted to put a high top on our van instead of updating our current westfalia pop top. Does anyone know if there is anywhere that make new high tops or anyone that has one for sale. I'm based up in Durham. Cheers Lee