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    my first double cab 1971

    Very nice 🤙🏻
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    My new 69 crewcab.

    Bloody pigeon!!!!!
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    My new 69 crewcab.

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    My new 69 crewcab.

    Not much to report over the last year or so, we’ve used the crewcab loads!!! Unfortunately it’s currently off the road with a smashed windscreen 😞
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    My new 69 crewcab.

    Small update, we now have a canvas cover for the back, a westy roof rack, twin Weber 34 carbs & a 15 month old girl.
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    My 68 Single Cab.

    Wow , very neat workmanship!!! Nice mind!
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    Fitting a westfalia interior in a micro bus

    Have a look on my crossover build thread, if the pics are still there??? I put a Westy Berlin interior in .
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    How many nights?

    I turn 40 this year, so I want to do 40 nights away!! I’ve never actually slept in my Earlybay mind, as it’s a pickup truck, we sleep in the Rapido folding caravan, so,,, as we’re bending rules !!
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    Hello! This is our doublecab

    Hello & welcome aboard, nice crewcab 8) I too have got a crewcab, 1969 :D
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    Air cooled attendance at shows?

    A lot of people I know have a bay or split in the garage & a T4/5 for actually going away in !! I can’t afford both! I had a T4 briefly, but it wasn’t for me , so back in a bay & loving it !!!! Personally I only do shows within an hours drive( we have a 6 month old baby) , & even up North I’m...
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    Bringing back to life

    Nice !! Good luck, hope it’s back on the road again asap!!
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    1970 Westy (T-Boned)

    Well worth the perseverance !!!!!
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    The Way Forward - Pre Bay Purchase

    Some belter looking Earlybay’s for sale on this forum lately !!!
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    68 Crew Cab

    Well I ended up with a crewcab after all 8)
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    Monty the Red Campervan

    Awesome stuff Mike!!!!
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    Another Dormobile restoration :)

    9&1/2 years !!!!! Well done, I bet you’re glad is eventually useable!!! Don’t do what I did mind ,,, I spent 2-3 years doing my crossover, I paniced & sold it 3 months after I finished it!!!
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    WANTED. Crewcab

    Check out my build thread below on my 69 crewcab, I got slightly more of a project than I anticipated!!!!!
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    My new 69 crewcab.

    It’s now got a butty’s bits throttle kit fitted & ive asked Richie to recondition a solex 34 pict carb for me to replace the wheezy 31 pict it has on !!! I’m dying to go camping again, but baby is due next month so we’ll not be away till July for Volkspower!!
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    My new 69 crewcab.