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    Early Bay steering box, Console & other parts.

    Do you still have the ignition housing etc If so could I have some more pictures of inside of housing Thanks
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    Parts for sale garage clear out.

    Is the ignition housing still for sale
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    Various parts to be sold

    Do you still have the wiper motor ? As pictures have gone Thanks
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    Interior lights

    There are 2 interior lights in my bay . One is controlled by the switch on dash with has 2 terminals and other one controlled by the doors which has 3 terminals . The only ones I can find for sale are the 2 terminal ones can any one tell me where I could get the 3 terminal ones looking for as...
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    Rear right hand corner belt line trim

    Hi all I am looking for the right hand side corner belt line deluxe trim please if any one has one for sale as I seem to have this bit missing . I seem to have 2 left hand corners !!!thanks in advance
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    Deluxe belt line trim

    Thanks for checking for me . I have this info for holes etc but just wanted to check lengths as I have some extra bits but they are all slightly different lengths
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    Fitting of deluxe belt line trim

    Hi I am trying to fit the belt line trim but have trouble trying to work out where bits go does any one have the measurements of each bit of trim to where they get fitted . Also looking for a right hand side rear corner as I seem to have 2 left hand side corners Thanks
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    Deluxe belt line trim

    Does any body have the measurements of each bit of trim to were that bits goes on the van please . I have a rhd early bay but have 9 long lengths and just want to make sure I get them in the right place and also to check I have the right bits . I am also missing a right hand side rear corner as...
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    Few EB Parts

    What other bits do you have left of the belt line trim please
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    Wanted 1776 turnkey engine

    Looking out for a 1776 turnkey engine to fit early bay . Please pm over build specs and info cash waiting for right one Thanks
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    1776 complete turnkey engine just serviced for sale

    Hi If you could please contact me about your 1776 turnkey engine if it's still for sale . On the mobile or email address I sent you If it's no longer for sale please let me know Thanks Richard
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    Wanted 1776 engine or 1835 long block or turnkey

    Hi I am on the look out for a new engine 1776 or 1835 can be long block or turnkey . Please send over full engine spec and prices please also locations as I am in North Yorkshire . Thanks
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    Electrical fault loss of all power

    Will check the lights good point The cables to battery and starter are all good as just had new starter so they all ok . Going to try and see if I can look behind fuses to see if any loose wires etc as well
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    Electrical fault loss of all power

    Just found a wiring diagram off vintage bus which makes much more sense. Just got to figure out why I loose all power on no.30 on light switch iginition and flasher relay ,feed to fuse 1& 2 Any ideas !!!!!!! Bloody things in the garage now until I have lots of info to check wiring
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    Electrical fault loss of all power

    Have been trying to start van today was going ok until I tried to turn on the lights the first pull was fine but when I pulled it out fully everything went off dash lights radio clock alarm interior lights and if I turned the key nothing . Took battery off checked fuses which are all ok apart...
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    Wanted: Lock wafers

    Can this be done on any lock or just the original ones as have 5 different keys for my van ??
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    17" woodrim steering wheel + boss

    This is a early bay steering wheel which I brought but never got round to fitting as now keeping the original one in. It does have a couple of light marks etc , not sure of make Collection from hg5 area or can take to camper jam next weekend . £130
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    Wanted mig gasless welder

    Need a mig gasless welder please must be in full working order . I am in the North Yorkshire area . Thanks
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    Engine swap split - early bay ?

    Hi just wondering can engines be swaped over from split screen to earlybay etc. as taking mine out of early bay which has the rear support bar and then putting in one from a 67 split . Have not seen the engine so that's why I am asking do the split vans also have the rear support bar etc that...