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  1. Journey

    Early Bay App ????

    If you will get on your phone or tablet and use that browser, bring up the forum. Once the forum is up you should be able to see a drop down menu, and on it should be the option to install app. That will put an icon on your device's homepage. After that, all you need to do is to tap on...
  2. Journey


    Welcome to the forum. Nice pics.
  3. Journey

    Show us your daily

    Very clever and impressive.
  4. Journey

    Show us your daily

    Is this just a paint job or a new/old vehicle welded together? Very strange looking.
  5. Journey

    Decorated for the Season?

    I would love to see any current or past Christmas or other holiday decorations on your Earlybays. How about showing them off?
  6. Journey


    @gas1man That is a nice set up you have there.
  7. Journey

    Change from solex 30 pict 3 to solex 34 pict 3

    @matty74 I am impressed with how clean that engine is. It looks in show room condition.
  8. Journey

    Monty the Red Campervan

    I really like your set up with the extended tent from the vehicle. Looks as if a great time was had by all.
  9. Journey

    Monty the Red Campervan

    I love the look of your travels with the red campervan. Looks so relaxing and enjoyable.
  10. Journey

    Your interiors.

    I'm impressed that your plaid stripes match on the seating. Very good work.
  11. Journey

    Devon Interior resto

    The after looks really good.
  12. Journey

    Are van prices falling

    @garytype2 Can you get the image in your post, copy and paste it in your post or something like that?
  13. Journey

    Me & my Bay on VW UK YouTube Channel

    Awesome video!
  14. Journey

    Hello from Germany :-)

    Welcome, Jens. Glad you joined in. Have fun! I love seeing pics as well. Keep the updates coming.
  15. Journey

    devon interior help

    Hey, did you get this figured out? Interesting interior setup indeed.
  16. Journey

    Tandem Brake Booster Install on 68 lowlight

    Hey, did get the tandem brake booster installed? Would like to know how you did it.
  17. Journey

    Calling all Maypole or similar bus cover owners !

    Nikwax! Good for my sneakers too. :) I'll try having a beer next time.:D
  18. Journey

    Carb air filters

    Thanks, this is very helpful. Been using this blowing-out method where no oil or any liquid is being used at all.
  19. Journey

    Carb air filters

    Hey Mike, just curious, did you get it figured out? I have a similar-looking filter and would love to get better ideas to clean it.
  20. Journey

    67 DeLuxe

    Looking great! Nice work.:cool: Excited to see her on the road.:)