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  1. Graham L

    Parts Wanted Need 4 of these please…

    It's not the bearing he's after, it's the cup that sits in the end of the beam end in front of the bearing.
  2. Graham L

    Headlining - one or two parts!?

    Your bus would have been a kombi from the factory not a microbus, still had windows all round but was designed as a work vehicle, they only had a cab headliner for the driving area, the back was a ply/hardboard headliner
  3. Graham L

    Midlands Swap Meet

    Was a good day for trading as well and good to meet up with so many familiar faces, much better start to the year than the old Dubfreeze. This is the second one Steve has run and as far as I'm aware its planned to be an annual event (y)
  4. Graham L

    Midlands Swap Meet

    I heard @ozziedog went to the wrong show :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  5. Graham L

    Ben's 72 Bay

    You may struggle to get that to follow the orriginal route of the loom, not trying to be negative but personally I would have run a bigger power supply cable to under the dash and then put a fuse box there and then just run signal wires to the back as a smaller loom, also are you running earths...
  6. Graham L

    Indicator Cancelling help needed on a 72 Crossover

    Sounds like it needs moving up the column as the column is wider at the top, the shear bolt is only on late bays not on earlies
  7. Graham L

    August 1967 doka

    If you are looking for a crewcab, my 68 Velvet Green is likely to be coming up for sale shortly, thining the fleet
  8. Graham L

    Servo problem with new Weber ict 34’s

    Are you sure they've connected the servo pipe, servo pipes are usually a minimum of 10mm ID and it's important the one way valve is in place, who installed the carbs?
  9. Graham L

    1970 westy roof canvas - which brand?

    We only ever fitted WW ones supplied through Schofield's, best quality out there ( we refused to fit cheaper ones), dont be fooled into buying a 'cheaper one' as you'll regret it when you come to fit it, best to remove the roof to fit it as really hard to get the canvas fitted correctly to the...
  10. Graham L

    Petrol tank strap 1970

    I've got a feeling I have one in the stash of parts but need to double check
  11. Graham L

    Aircooled Campout (inc Campout) 5-7th July 2024 (Fir Trees Campsite, Banbury)

    Yes its back for 2024, the original and best Aircooled Campout, no commercial sponsors, no traders, no food vans just back to basic camping with people into the same vehicles. Yes its the same weekend as Camperjam but as they dont give a shit about aircooled vehicles and are all about making...
  12. Graham L

    Camper Jam

    Aircooled Campout is the 5-7th July 2024, same dates as Camperjam deliberately giving people the option of a commercial show or laid back chilled camping with other Aircooled buses etc
  13. Graham L

    Carburretor Quiz

    There isnt a single weber that works better
  14. Graham L

    Carburretor Quiz

    Sounds like the garage doesnt know what its doing, on a stock engine the stock carb works great, bite the bullet and get a fully refurbed 34 Pict 3 from Rage in Holland, No need to fit twin carbs
  15. Graham L

    Adjustable Spring Plates

    As Sparky has mentioned 7's can cause an issue on the rear especially as they can foul the adjuster block on the spring plate, the hightop runs 6's on the rear with an ET47 and I had to run spacers to get them to clear the adjuster, I think I'm on 15mm spacers from memory
  16. Graham L

    Adjustable Spring Plates

    All really depends on how low you are running or want to go, we usually fit the one inch drop ones and turn a single spline and adjust from there, a 2" drop on the back end is not very much at all, I'm very dubious about claims of being able to get the rear wheel off without removing the bottom...
  17. Graham L


    Premierinn already booked for the Saturday night as wont be in the hightop
  18. Graham L

    Bottle Jack adapter…

    We always jack under the strengthener where the front or rear outrigger meets the main chassis leg, its far stronger and you have less height to jack, never on the jacking points
  19. Graham L

    Parts For Sale Mixed parts

    No they are 68-70 rear backing plates with the straight adjuster block, 71 on have angled blocks.
  20. Graham L

    Max Tyre Size for R14 (215? 205?)

    I fitted 195R14 Maxxis Worm Drives to the Crew cab, even with those you get a little bit of rubbing on full lock so wouldnt go much bigger (Good Tyres, very little road noise and cheaper than BF Goodrich, try Camskill for prices)