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  1. neilswheels

    Headlining - one or two parts!?

    As many have said, It sounds like your camper started as a van. I think the 'spikey rail' is available to buy
  2. neilswheels

    No thermostat and no vents flaps

    So, the thermostat and vents allow the engine to warm up when its cold, blocking air to the barrels/heads until the stat expands and the flaps open, allowing air to pass over the heads and barrels, as I suspect you already know. Personally, I kept them all in our buggy engine, mainly because at...
  3. neilswheels

    Servo problem with new Weber ict 34’s

    I'll be fitting the same carbs to my bus, so just to clarify, there is now one balance pipe between both carbs, and a separate take off for the vacuum on the left carb, is that into the manifold? Any chance of a pic?
  4. neilswheels

    Parts For Sale Parts clear out - edited and updated

    do you still have spare tyre rubbers? If so, how many do I need ( i have none) and would you post? Thanks
  5. neilswheels

    Fitting our Headliner

    Hi , just looking at this as its a to do job on my sunroof/ex westy bus. Looks like yours is a sunroof bus, did you pit the trim around the hole? On mine it looks like there's not enough room for the roof to shut with the trim on
  6. neilswheels

    van covers

    Watch out for flappy covers wearing the paint of the edge of the rain gutters..
  7. neilswheels

    T’Haus Flipped Spindles / Coilovers

    I used a small spacers on the bottom of mine, worked fine. i seem to remember the GAZ eye isnt as wide as a stock shock, so it gets pulled over towards the bump stop when you do the nut up. I didnt like the shocks, and have gone to uprated stockers from jk, much nicer ride. I had to modify my...
  8. neilswheels

    Walk through seat back cards, how do they fit?

    just found this as well, in case anyone else is looking
  9. neilswheels

    Walk through seat back cards, how do they fit?

    stock have a rubber mat type piece that's formed to fit around the seat base and in that recess and cover it all up...
  10. neilswheels

    Walk through seat back cards, how do they fit?

    Thanks all. Dont suppose that bottom piece is available anywhere? My van was a shell when I got it, so none of this was in there. The rivets, are they pop rivets, so there's about 5mm or so sticking out the back behind the seat? And what are the metal strips for? I looked at a bus at...
  11. neilswheels

    Walk through seat back cards, how do they fit?

    Ive managed to get hold of the padded top and sides for my walk thru, and have tmi panels to go on, but how does all this attach? From what I have found, there are metal strips behind the seat that are screwed thru to hold the pads on to the metal bulkhead, but what about the panel, there's no...
  12. neilswheels

    1 hole head light rim

    Ive been looking for one good single hole rim for a while, because mine has a dent in the top, but no luck yet though, they seem a little elusive. I need o/s if anyones's got one..
  13. neilswheels

    Leaking front Windscreen seal.

    My screen leaked, good quality rubber, but the screen wasn't fitted properly, not centred in the hole. Answer was to take it out, another good quality rubber, (same make as before) and refit, no leaks.
  14. neilswheels

    Westy headlining..

    Where did you get it from?
  15. neilswheels

    bays and blowers

    I've been thinking about adding a Kompresor Haus blower kit to my new 1600, the thinking being that it would give good torque, so improve hills etc. Apparently the 'mild kit' boosts a 100 to about 90bhp, and they've sold quit a few to bay owners. Today, I received Hayburner, and there's a little...
  16. neilswheels

    Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone £10/day from June 2023

    Thats odd, I live outside the london LEZ, my 71 Camper is fine for both of them..
  17. neilswheels

    Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone £10/day from June 2023

    Thats interesting, i'll look into this a bit further then, thanks
  18. neilswheels

    Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone £10/day from June 2023

    I dont think all historics are exempt, for example my 71 bus is, but a similar age crew cab pickup or van isnt, not London anyway, Ive been looking for a way to carry on getting to work come nex August when the ULEZ is extended and my t5 becomes a £12.50 per day charge, ive looked a commercial...
  19. neilswheels

    Parts For Sale Split bus, early bug, bay and other stuff

    Front inner valance for a split bus, £50 Cab floor for a bay, Brazilian vw part so lhd £50 Split bus cab door frame, quarter window but no glass, p side, good condition £50 72 up bay o\s disc caliper, new £50 Early type 3 square/fastback rear wings, really good condition, but back lip of...
  20. neilswheels

    Cornwall ‘22

    I down loaded an app to my phone and drove the van, I now know 60 is 55, so I try to do between 60 and 65 on the motorway, below 35 around town for cameras. I think Speedy Cables in Wales offer a recalibration service, at least they used to.