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  1. Humphrey

    Retrosounds review + speakers

    Overall the sound quality is very good from the retro sounds head unit. I have a fairly high end alpine unit in my other car and I prefer the sound from this. Although to be fair the speakers in the bus are better so it's not an entirely even comparison. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Humphrey

    fire suppression systems

    Anyone considered the benefits of moving the battery out of the engine bay? Seems that most fires are due to electrical shorts in the vicinity of the carbies, gas fumes etc?
  3. Humphrey

    "Clean look" engine bays

    Think of a number....add 4 '0's, double it. Double it again. - you are getting close. ;)
  4. Humphrey

    "Clean look" engine bays I or don't I - that is the question. :)
  5. Humphrey

    "Clean look" engine bays

    Nice one Maddog! BTW: How do you like your WoN setup?
  6. Humphrey

    Retrosounds review + speakers

    This is a good shout. It sucks not having an acc port on the ignition.
  7. Humphrey

    Scooby or Not Scooby?

    I will go scooby in my next bus. No doubt. Don't get me wrong, I love my (aircooled) 2332 but the cost of building and maintaining it is pretty freaking ridiculous.
  8. Humphrey

    Retrosounds review + speakers

    I've got one in mine. For the most part I'm happy with it but I have had a few issues. The control knobs are super sensitive and quite hard to operate while driving. You try to skip forward a track and it jumps ahead or back randomly. Same for the volume control. You turn it up and it goes down...
  9. Humphrey

    Come on Wales

    Come on All Blacks!
  10. Humphrey

    Show us your steering wheel!

    Looking for inspiration... what you got?
  11. Humphrey

    anyone running red9 wishbone kit?

    Just had the new steering box that Simon supplied fitted, huge difference. Steering is tight and responsive. The new box also tucks up underneath about 2" higher than the old aluminium box which used to hang down too low IMO. No more risk of smacking it on a hump. If you haven't got the new box...
  12. Humphrey

    Goodbye, farewell, aufweederzen (or however you spell it!)

    Well done chap! All the best for the future and whatever project you take on next!
  13. Humphrey

    Totally broke this thread, please delete

    Awesome bus mate and love the colour! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Humphrey


    haha...tell me about it! And don't worry, I might be delusional but I'm not expecting to get my money back...only some of it :)
  15. Humphrey


    Thanks Sam. Might have been another one, mine's red although not a twin slider.
  16. Humphrey


    That was most likely my bus that you spotted. Actually I had it up for £37K as the starting price, not the for sale price and I have an offer on the table. As per a previous post though, there are people out there who don't want to do the work themselves or wait forever for a bus to be restored...
  17. Humphrey

    anyone running red9 wishbone kit?

    Yep the Red9 definitely has less lock. Price you pay for squeezing in the additional components I guess?
  18. Humphrey

    Attaching number plates

    I tried double sided tape and Velcro, best quality stuff I could find in both cases but in the end I used Alan head bolts. The other option didn't last. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. Humphrey


    Yep I've got it on mine, flat glass is too easy to smash otherwise. Also good in an accident. Won't keep out a determined attacker but will make it harder for them. You have to fit it with the windows out so best to do it when you are in for paint. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. Humphrey


    It's not just buses, everything has gone up! One bedroom pokey arse flat in London = 400K, pint of stella = £5 and classic cars and motorcycles have gone up across the board. Add to that the resurgence in popularity of all things "vintage and retro" it only makes sense that Earlybays, will go up...