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    Parts For Sale Potentially Original 3 Bow Roof Rack

    Bought off a guy about eight years ago who said he believed it was original (may or may not be). It came off his Splitscreen bus and was sold to him with it attached. The fixings that clamp onto the gutter do look like older type fittings. Selling as we have bought a roof tent for our bus and so...
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    Help! St Columb area (Cornwall) Cv Joint Bolt

    Hi. I'm on holiday with my family in the St Columb Major area in Cornwall. Long story short, one has sheared and i need a CV joint bolt as I can't drive the bus. Wondered if anyone has one knocking around who may live close by or if anyone might know where I could get on. I know retro dubs are...
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    Instrument Cluster Lights Help (High beam and green parking lightl

    OK, thanks I'll check that tomorrow. It's just weird how they have randomly stopped working. I can only think that I've dislodged something when reconnecting the turn signal wires/starter loom wires. I'll take the instrument cluster off tomorrow and check all connections are good. The only...
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    Instrument Cluster Lights Help (High beam and green parking lightl

    Yeah, only the steering column has been taken out. No dash cluster removal at all.
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    Instrument Cluster Lights Help (High beam and green parking lightl

    Hi. Wondered if anybody can help. I have just changed my steering wheel for an MCJ wheel which looks brilliant and everything is back in full working order apart from the illumination of the bulbs for the high beam and parking light, which don't illuminate on the dash when activated. The...
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    Rear Brake Drum to Disc Conversion

    Thanks ozziedog. I'll leave the rears on drums then and try your suggestions to see if that improves things. I do have a servo but might be time to swap it out as it's been on the bus since I bought it in 2014. Thanks again. P Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Rear Brake Drum to Disc Conversion

    Thanks Mike. Yeah I have a servo. May look to upgrade it though to see if that helps. Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Rear Brake Drum to Disc Conversion

    Hi all. Hope you are all doing well. Just wanted to ask if it is possible to convert the stock rear drum brakes to discs on my 71 Bay whilst keeping the stock wheels? If so, which conversion kit would you recommend and where can I buy it. We drove through the North Wales mountains fully...
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    Clutch Cable Not Tensioning correctly

    Yeah im trying to detemine whether the engine has to be installed in order for the free play to be adjusted. Thanks for clarifying. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Clutch Cable Not Tensioning correctly

    Hi all. Wondered if somebody might be able to advise me. I had our Transmission rebuilt after a catastrophic failure last July. I've just reinstalled it and am trying to adjust the clutch pedal cable to its correct tension/free play. Should the adjustment be made when the engine is installed...
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    Gasgacinch Loan Warrington

    Seems only to be available online. I saw it on a VW engine rebuild video on YouTube. Ive used it before and its really good stuff. Heritage sell it. I just went to my bottle to install my main oil seal before getting the engine back in and its dried up as i didnt put the lid on properly...
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    Gasgacinch Loan Warrington

    Hi everyone I went to my garage cupboard this afternoon to get my Gasgacinch as i was about it to reinstall my engine after replacing the transmission. Low and behold it dried up in the pot since i last used it! Does anybody in the Warrington area own any that i could nick a bit from or does...
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    Gearbox gone?

    Back home in North West now thanks mate. Kind of you to offer. Think I'll have to drop it out and get it to Limebug which is up our way. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Gearbox gone?

    Thought as much. Thanks. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Gearbox gone?

    Hi chaps. I was hoping somebody could offer some advice. Returning home from Latitude today we needed to be recovered after I couldnt get the bus into any gear apart from second gear. It wouldnt even go into neutral. Historically over the past 6 months or so it has been popping out of third...
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    Just Kampers Stainless Quiet Pack

    Hi all. Hope somebody might be able to help. Started fitting this last night. How does the heat exchanger connect into the system? Pic attached. Many thanks. Also, should I use standard exhaust gaskets or the gold thick ones supplied with the 4in1 manifold? Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Oil bath hose placements

    I'd be interested I'm finding out the hose routings for this too. I don't have a charcoal filter installed at the moment. How is it set up without the filter as I currently only have a feed from the filler pipe area to the air bath filter and from the fan housing to the oil bath filter. Am I...
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    Fuel tank cleaning

    I used this por15 kit from frost...turned out nicely. Just make sure to follow the instructions scrupulously for the best result!" onclick=";return false; Chris.
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    VDO T Piece Oil Pressure Gauge

    Hi. Wondered if anybody could offer any advice. I have a VDO oil pressure gauge hooked up on my bus. I have a small leak from the VDO t-piece adaptor that connects the gauge/pressure switch to the engine block where the oil pressure switch is normally installed. I'm scared of tightening the...
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    Wanted: Westy Curtain Tiebacks

    Bump. Still needs these if anyone has any spare :) I need about 5 more in total.