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  1. dubselector

    1970 San Francisco westfalia resto

    Was there ever any doubt ? 😀 Clowns at DVLA didn't send me a tax reminder this year so just got letter saying it's not been taxed since August ! Guess they can't be arsed when it's free 🤔
  2. dubselector

    Indicator lights on speedo face 1970 Bay Window

    Yes both flash at same time as standard, someone on here did wire them up to flash individualy, have a thread search and it should come up.
  3. dubselector

    Lights on - but nobody home - WTAF !

    New wiper spindles fitted, more fiddling than Jimmy Carr's accountant - but only pinged one of the tiny circlips into oblivion.🫢 No sign of the rubber seals that should have been there and one rubber gasket missing off the washer jets so hopefully found all the leak sources .
  4. dubselector

    Lights on - but nobody home - WTAF !

    So few hours on the bus today. Screen out, dash top off and wiper mechanism off. Just some surface rust in nearside corner so rubbed down and rust treated.
  5. dubselector

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas all - hope Santy Claws brings you the parts and bling you wanted - and not too much split-screen tat 😁
  6. dubselector

    Inaccessible Battery Terminals?

    Got a "Discarnect" on the neg pole for rapid isolation if needed and quick releases on leisure battery. What with my recent headlight staying on issue and lack of new screen seal availability I have tucked van up in it's JK cover. Was only after rolling about on my damp drive attaching the belly...
  7. dubselector

    Lights on - but nobody home - WTAF !

    Thanks Sparky, that's the one that's out of stock at the moment. I'll give them a bell / e-mail for expected availability
  8. dubselector

    Lights on - but nobody home - WTAF !

    Now I'm more confused than one of Boris's covid party excuses ! Sparky you say the early windscreen seal is thicker but Schofields site says "thinner profile" ? There's is Wolfsburg West so it should be top quality- C&C do a Vewib which was everyone's previous choice but it says all years. 🤔
  9. dubselector

    Lights on - but nobody home - WTAF !

    Well plus side is its due to rain here all day so should see we're leak is - downside is I'm at work all day and it's dark when I get home. Front panel from screen down replaced about ten years ago and screen aperture was solid then. Screen rubber was in a complete set and was supposed to do all...
  10. dubselector

    Lights on - but nobody home - WTAF !

    I'm guessing water cooled relays aren't the best accessory !
  11. dubselector

    Lights on - but nobody home - WTAF !

    Thanks guys. Starting to suspect relay or stalk as today on fully charged battery headlights were flickering (LED bulbs so not much current needed to get light output ) , moved stalk a few times and healthy sounding click from relay bit headlamp bulbs still flickered. Fired up the Propex as it...
  12. dubselector

    Lights on - but nobody home - WTAF !

    Came downstairs yesterday morning at 6.30am to see an eerie light shining through front door glass, assuming a cat had triggered the security light I opened the door to scare it of before my dogs got wind of it. However no sign of furtive felines but headlights of my bus were on ! Doors were all...
  13. dubselector


    Ebay item number for spanner 313212184758
  14. dubselector


    In my HMO Ozzie the Gunson is NFG for early bay brake bleeding, the seals on top reservoir pipe and master cylinder end were never designed to take any pressure. Better off buying a simple one man brake bleeder ( a bit of pipe with a one way valve in it and a rubber end that fits snugly on the...
  15. dubselector

    Lack of heat to the feet !

    I am assuming that the y shaped plastic pipe on the top has already been removed which is why your wrench has fell in ? It's then a matter of undoing the securing bolts, pulling the top part towards you and then lifting off the pipe at the bottom - its a bit of a wrestling match. Have you tried...
  16. dubselector

    1970 Scooby Powered Hightop

    Is that Viper green ?
  17. dubselector

    This is strange.

    Sliding door on wrong side for uk, yellow headlights and body coloured nose badge suggest it's an import. As Sparky says they probably stuck a "TV' plateon it to save any legal comebacks etc. Legend has it that the "Return of the Saint' series (Ian Ogilvey as Simon Templer" was filmed abroad as...
  18. dubselector

    The Buss-E '71

    So what did you decide on side markers ? My view is they look good on U.S spec vans along with the reverse lights over the rear lamps - they tell the story of where the bus has been, but I wouldn't add them to a UK bus. I like to spot the little differences and bore my Mrs silly by countering...