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  1. J

    Steering Box

    Thanks to all the replies. I have the lube just now need to remove and drain. Happy New Year
  2. J

    Steering Box

    Hi, Just trying to find out how to drain old lube from steering box. I have a 1978 Bay. Can't find any advice anywhere. My Bentley manual doesn't cover this. Thanks
  3. J

    Heater tubes

    Try them the other way round and rotate them as you are putting them back. Also they are not left or right handed but I have found that it is easier to mark them as left or right when removing so they go back easier.
  4. J

    Tyre size and Handling

    I think it has dropped spindles and MOT was all ok last week.
  5. J

    Tyre size and Handling

    I currently have 185/55R14 tyres fitted. My camper is all over the place. Should I change to 185/80R14 ? Thanks John