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  1. wookie

    Floor standing engine stand

    Hi I’m about to pull the engine on my bus for the first time and thought it would be better to have a proper engine stand to work on it. Can anyone recommend a good option ? Cool air have a lovely one which is very pricey at £200 but I see much cheaper generic options but want to be sure it...
  2. wookie

    Oil bath air filter breather question

    Thanks 👍😎
  3. wookie

    Oil bath air filter breather question

    Thought so, thanks so much for your help buddy 👍
  4. wookie

    Oil bath air filter breather question

    Ah great thanks for that, I was just concerned it would get messy and oily if I left it but I’ll plug the top one up. I have one final question the connection from the air filter to the oil filler is different sizes the air filter breather hose was the standard size I think about 12mm but the...
  5. wookie

    Oil bath air filter breather question

    Hi Thanks, it does help but what is C that goes to a T piece? doesn’t it just spray vapour around the engine compartment?
  6. wookie

    Wheels and shocks

    Really interested in the 14 inch steels but can’t collect as I’m quite far away in Lancashire. Would you consider having a courier collect ?
  7. wookie

    Oil bath air filter breather question

    Ok simple question, on a standard setup for a 1969 twinport engine with a standard oil filled air filter there are two large breather outlets on the air filter body. Obviously one goes to the breather next to the oil filler but which one ? The top one on the air filter or the bottom? This...
  8. wookie

    Van won't start !!

    Thanks everyone, I’ll try again next weekend and update you. Much appreciated 👍
  9. wookie

    Van won't start !!

    Ok, it's a bit of story/saga but I need your help guys as I'm running out of ideas ! At the end of last year my van started to have issues where it would start after a few attempts (took more than it used too) but once off the choke it would stall at every opportunity and I would have to brake...
  10. wookie

    Gear issues !!!!

    Thanks Moseley, I’ve tried that but still was getting the same issues. I’m the end I’ve given in and dropped it off at my local VW garage and seen what they can come up with. I’d hoped Togo camping in her this Friday so I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed 🤞😬
  11. wookie

    Gear issues !!!!

    Right guys, I'm at the end of my tether with this one !!!!! I've been running a stock shifter for years without too much issue but recently after having some work done on the van and when I got it back shifting from 3rd to 2nd was becoming an issue and reverse was often hit instead :evil: I...
  12. wookie

    Vintage speed shifter

    I’m thinking of making a serious investment into a new vintage speed shifter for my van can anyone let me know what they think? When I had my beetle I used an empi one which worked surprisingly well for an empi part and the equivalent one for my van is much cheaper so what do you think peeps...
  13. wookie

    No indicators or hazards

    Hi, I recently picked up my van after having a bunch of bodywork being completed. I drove it home for a few miles without issue but half way home I lost indicators and hazards. I can see that I’ve blown a fuse which was the last fuse nearest the drivers door (it’s a RHD van) which had a 8 amp...
  14. wookie

    Front Badge

    Thanks guys, I’ve ordered that one from eBay so fingers crossed it’s ok 🤞
  15. wookie

    Front Badge

    Hi Guys, I'm after a new front badge as the chrome on mine is a little rusty and pitted where the water traps. Before someone nicked it I had a plastic one :roll: but looking at all the parts sites etc it seems that no-one does an earlybay badge anymore. I seem to remember a few years ago...
  16. wookie

    Best stainless exhaust for a standard twin port setup

    Right, I'm tired of standard steel exhausts that last not 5 minutes before they rust through. Can anyone recommend a good Stainless exhaust. I'm running a standard 1600cc twin port with a single carb so any recommendations please? The last exhaust I fitted was a b*tch to fit and didn't line up...
  17. wookie

    Thank you Bluecab

    Just a quick post to say thank you to a top guy, Bluecab (Paul). I was booked to take some girls to their prom on Friday with it all being arranged months ago. Unfortunately due to a gearbox problem which wasn't fixed in time I was unable to. A quick call to Paul and five teenage girls were...
  18. wookie

    hubcaps, bed -sold,rear mat and mirrors for volksworld

    I might be interested in the mirrors, I don't think I live too far from you ! Do you live in Carleton ? If so I can pop by this week to have a look at them. 8)
  19. wookie

    Replacement battery

    Thanks Guys! :D
  20. wookie

    Replacement battery

    Hi Guys my battery is on the way out, what is best battery for a standard 1600cc twinport engine in terms of size, amps and longlife reliability please?