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    importing parts from USA

    is anyone bringing over a bus or a container that could possibly bring over a load of new engine parts for me (well everything bar heads and case lol) . i m just looking to do it as cheap as possible cheers in advance :-)
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    Fuel hose for twin carbs

    haha good point although in fairness i do goto norway a lot, and have driven to Tromso in norway and it was was -35 then :-)
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    Fuel hose for twin carbs

    the cheaper hose working temp is lower TEMPERATURE RANGE: -30C + -80C and advanced fluids is Working Temp: - 40'C > + 125'C is this as important as i think it is ?
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    Fuel hose for twin carbs

    just spoke to them at hose world they are ridiculously cheap going to compare spec sheets with advanced fluids hose if they match up jobs a good un lol think i ll buy loads of the stuff ;-)
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    Strange tapping/slapping sound.....HELP!

    yes when on idle it sounded sweet as a nut lol , wasnt a dear fix tho within minutes of the guys at BBT listening to my engine they sorted it its any easy check just pop off the rocker covers and if a rod knackered youll see it . hopefully its just your exhaust tho . :)
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    Strange tapping/slapping sound.....HELP!

    had the similar problem few years back same thing noisey tapping sound but not really loosing any power, when travelling europe took my bus into BBT in belgium and the noise turned ou to be a pushrod it had melted the tip and the rod was shorter than all the others , very simple fix but no idea...
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    Complete air ride

    check out mat balls at" onclick=";return false; he knows his stuff :-)
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    1987 b2 passat GL5 (audi 5 cyl)

    ive got a 1987 gl5 estate for sale loads of history, all handbooks etc ,69000 miles ,never welded,central locking electric windows all working, original stereo ,roof bars,interior all good tax and mot out end of year will need front brakes for mot thats it it flew threw last mot this really is a...
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    dave mirra blend ltd bmx for sale

    will take sensible offers needs to go to fund other project
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    dave mirra blend ltd bmx for sale

    top spec bmx vgc 450ovno Model: Mirraco Blend Ltd. (100 pieces produced) -Frame: 20.75″ Top Tube -Frame: Full D.B. Crmo, Fully Heat-Treated after welding -Frame Colors: White -Fork: MirraCo Full Crmo fully heat-treated after welding, CNC steerer tube w/ S.B. legs (1.4 / 1.1t) -Headset: TH / FPD...
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    AA couldn't fit windscreen

    i used a c&c seal and did it on my own , no probs . bad front clip replacement or maybe he wasn t confident enough :-) was the original glass that i used on mine too
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    Westy 2nd inner door handle bracket

    its just a extra handle to pull in the door its not connected to the mech :)
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    Richard Morena - engine builder anyone used him?

    Hi, As I started off this thread, I'll make a final contribution. After researching the matter I opted to have a new engine build in California by Power Hause Vw. It's a 2100 cc unit with a Porsche fan shroud, flame thrower etc. I also had the Shroud painted to a colour of my choice. It took...
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    RHD steering boxes

    this ^^^^ too many so called recon units floating about that are far from good quality as is many parts these days :)
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    Built gearbox prices

    cheers Alex :) i ll have save bit more then i ll be in touch
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    Built gearbox prices

    :? it says for bus , not that i don t believe you tho thanks i ll double check
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    Built gearbox prices" onclick=";return false; i ll be getting one of these :)
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    bargin or scam?

    now up for 5000" onclick=";return false;
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    bargin or scam?" onclick=";return false;