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  1. baz1875

    Volksworld Show 2017

    Unfortunately due to work i wont be able to make it could someone take me off the list please as ive got a habit of screwing them up :lol:
  2. baz1875

    Window winder Mech advice

    Thanks for the info, am I right in thinking that you have to feed the black tube part in first from the door handle side then try to jiggle the winder mech plate through the gap between the door and the 1/4 light bar?
  3. baz1875

    Window winder Mech advice

    after an afternoon of head scratching and swearing is it possible to fit a winder mech without removing the quarter light? what ever they answer does anyone have any advice as i need to get this sorted asap. baz
  4. baz1875

    WANTED! narrow 5 wheels and tryes

    I'm looking for a set of 4 narrow 5 steels with tyres to get a project rolling , not to fussed about condition as long as the tyres have some tread and hold air, 14's or 15's . cheers baz
  5. baz1875

    71 single cab project for sale :SOLD;

    its still here at this rate im going have to fix it and use it myself :shock:
  6. baz1875

    71 single cab project for sale :SOLD;

    Tell me about it practically giving it away at that money but if it gets it gone and fixed its better than it rotting waiting for me to fix it
  7. baz1875

    71 single cab project for sale :SOLD;

    meet me in the middle at £3250 and its yours
  8. baz1875

    71 single cab project for sale :SOLD;

    i could go to 3.5k at a push. i've not had time to do a single thing with it since it got here so i don't no if the engine runs, i maybe able to throw a battery on it tomorrow and try it. i have all of the paper work it came with from corfu but its not been registered in the uk yet
  9. baz1875

    Bristol Volksfest 2016, 17th - 19th June.

    Simon Bennett, XPL 82G Junglefacejake, Jake Remfry, LWU 64H pinkarmy, Lucie Spraggon, _ _ _ _ _ _ robins, Rich Spraggon, SMW 212G Creationblue, Justin, BHY340H Lee & Nic Coles, MCY 91H nickcj, Nick, XEU 182K nickcj, Nick, HVG 181F Ashys, Mark Ashworth, XRD664J gvee, George, WOA 538J terrier man...
  10. baz1875

    Coventry MotoFest 2016

    Didn't even know there was such a thing but it's only down the road so might pop up
  11. baz1875

    MyVanWay California Westfalia tintop....

    i'm not a fan of spiders agreed but angry ginger people are the devil, :evil: :lol:
  12. baz1875

    71 single cab project for sale :SOLD;

    Bump, Open to offers
  13. baz1875

    71 single cab project for sale :SOLD;

    As title says 1971 single cab project for sale I bought this early this year from Corfu and had a plan to fix it it and use it for work etc. My plans have changed slightly and the chances of me doing any work on it anytime soon have gone out the window so i think it will be best to move it on to...
  14. baz1875

    Hydro'd '70 Adventurewagen 'Hobo'

    Looking the tits as ever, wheels look spot on.
  15. baz1875

    Volksworld 2016

    it sucks mate, im starting to think i was the worlds worst mirror juggler in a former a life :lol:
  16. baz1875

    Volksworld 2016

    unfortunately due to time and a few other issues that are now out of my control i cant make it the weekend. i'm hoping to get down to the show at some point to catch up with everyone. sorry for the short notice and i am genuinely gutted but my run off bad luck with all things mechanical...
  17. baz1875

    Stanford Hall - Early Bay Line Up 2016

    1,Chem 2,Stuf 3,is,sit 4,greg o 5,Egotrippin 6,Baz1875
  18. baz1875

    Volksworld 2016

    1. Clem 2. Roland 3. Graham L 4. Jenny 5. SparkyWig 6. Egotrippin (Saturday) 7. Myvanway 8. Baz1875