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  1. J

    RHD SA Import 1971 VW Combi CLEAN

    Yes - Its been fully restored - details in listing
  2. J

    Vehicle For Sale 1971 Volkswagen 1971 Lowlight bay window RHD SA Import

    1971 Lowlight bay window Clean South African Import MOT’ed / NOVO Certified / ready for 1st Uk Reg RHD Really good condition Recently imported from South Africa £19999 ono Resprayed – Exterior, Interior, Undercarriage Rust free undercarriage Reconditioned Aircooled engine New Complete...
  3. J

    RHD SA Import 1971 VW Combi CLEAN

    Walk through RHD New wiring loom installed Very Clean bus Straight bodywork Good condition underneath SA Import No welding done or needed Stock engine Registered now in UK 11999 ovno John 07791142675
  4. J

    Stainless Steel Early Bay Bumpers sold

    Those are cracking on your bus. Very nice. Unfortunately they are surplus to requirements.
  5. J

    Stainless Steel Early Bay Bumpers sold

    If it’s 68-75 I believe so
  6. J

    Stainless Steel Early Bay Bumpers sold

    Stainless - thanks for highlighting that
  7. J

    Front and rear bumpers for early Bay wanted

    Any help would be appreciated John 07791142675
  8. J

    Stainless Steel Early Bay Bumpers sold

    These were literally installed for a photo shoot and are unmarked and as new Front and back Cost over 800 quid on VWH I’m open to sensible offers in and around 550 Must collect Near Bury St Edmunds John 07791142675
  9. J


    Just for clarification purposes lads - I’m the owner of the van above and I certainly do not have a “cab” attitude. I am new to the bay scene and bought this bus with an intention to complete the Resto. Unfortunately circumstances changed and I needed to sell however I’m under no great pressure...
  10. J


    I’ll take it
  11. J

    1970 Early Bay RHD MOT PART RESTO

    Solid driver Newly restored engine 1600 Metalwork done and painted I have an elevating Westy roof that I will throw in to the bargain Ready for an interior of your choice 11999 Ono John 07791142675
  12. J

    Fantastic Engine Lid and Table top

    Interested in the engine lid Will it be Correct for a 1970? J
  13. J

    1970 RHD Walk through 1600 MOT project £11999

    Still Available and Price reduced