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    Wiring loom advice

    I had my LHD Crossdresser Westy front loom fuse box behind dash etc done by Johnson Autoworks Leicestershire pretty reasonable I thought. But I did make a loom that went from the rear lesure battery thought to another fuse box under the rock and roll bed and out. It's used for interior lights...
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    Indicator Cancelling help needed on a 72 Crossover

    Hi, my new indicator arm fits ok but doesn't cancell. Just have to remember to turn it off. My bus is a 71 left hooker so dont know if that nakes a difference??
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    Camper Jam

    I've been to CanperJam over the last few years and always had a good time in my 71 crossover. I would do both if they weren't at the same time or had the time.
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    Bottle Jack adapter…

    I have a bottle jack on my 71 bus and jack up from the chassis. Even though I replaced all my jacking pions and outriggers.
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    Wolfsburg Museum

    Dont forget to take all the stuff required to drive abroad, spare bulbs, warning triangle, flurecent jackets etc. It depends on the country you are in as well.
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    Wolfsburg Museum

    As ex military lived near Hannover and was lucky enough to do a tour of the factory. Blagged my way into the Corporate visit of last last General in Germany Gen Hennderson (late REME). Well worth it. There are some campsite around but worth asking Mr Google. The VW museum is also wirth a visit...
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    Who to trust fitting new clutch?

    If you are in Midlands Johnson Autoworks, thats where my bus goes when it needs work.
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    Sitting issues

    Got whacked by a big storm in Polzeth whilst camping a couple of years ago. Fortunately my Kayam air awning did a great job and just buckled and popped back. Did have to re-peg a few times during the night. The posh Berghaus ( other makes are available) tents etc went in the bin the day after.
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    Engine cuts out on sudden stops

    Had the same issue, serviced the carbs and cured it. Thankfully.
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    Tailgate inside opener

    When I was in Canada I saw a bracket that fitted onto the locking mech which left the tailgate open am inch or so. Great for ventilation but did need the mozzie net fitted to the inside to stop the critters getting in. 😀
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    Where's folks from ?

    I'm in Leicester :)
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    site hook up for camping and day to day trickle charging

    Changed my US power socket:)
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    Electrical sockets

    I fitted one used in caravans similar to the one Ben72Bay used above. Just bought a 2 gang socket with USB charger on. Fitted just above my rear speaker.
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    Electrical sockets

    Fitted mine abo e my rear speakers, double gang socket with USB chargers in a brushed brass/gold colour. Mine are fitters to my 240v though.
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    Hi all

    Heres mine once I renovated it.
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    OIL LIGHT Shining bright.

    I put an oil temp and pressure as well as a head temp gauge in a cluster on my bus dash. The temp gauge connected to the bottom of the block.
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    Front speakers.

    HI, this is where I fitted mine - in the doors and in the Rock n Roll bed base.
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    Front speakers.

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    Hello from a new owner

    Welcome to the low light club :). I had a similar starting issue when hot. A carb service sorted it.
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    1971 Vw Westfalia From Dominican Republic

    Enjoy heres mine, have fun!