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  1. vwcanuck

    1970 Panel van - How to find & add windows

    Please keep your panel as is. As K@rlos said, panels are rare. I'm not a purist, but adding windows to a panel is the worst mod IMO. After having a 68 panel for over 6 years, I haven't seen another earlybay one on the road ... not one, and every other bus owner that I have met commented that...
  2. vwcanuck

    Roof gutter height - leveling suspension - level?

    As Moseley said, it is more involved than just rotating splines, but this might help if you haven't seen it:
  3. vwcanuck

    fuel gauge

    Ever since I've had my bus the fuel gauge has read exactly the same as yours. It's our fuel senders that either need to be adjusted, repaired or replaced. I'll be dropping the engine next month and might have a look at the sender ... or maybe not. My fuel gauge is really just an ornament, like...
  4. vwcanuck

    Panel Van Porn

    Indeed but mine's a boy. Buddha is big, happy, low & slow :D
  5. vwcanuck

    Panel Van Porn

    Nice Nuty! My panel is from 18 January 1968 so not too far behind on the production line than yours.
  6. vwcanuck

    Whats This

    That's the preheat(er) or stovepipe tube on the left heater box/heat exchanger. Beetle, bus, split or earlybay doesn't matter as they all work the same with the correct parts for your bus. Here are some links to more info ...
  7. vwcanuck

    Lowing advice for my 1969 Bay

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Hubs. You'll notice less of a floating feeling at 2", but quality shouldn't be much different. I kept the rear bumpstops stock and removed the fronts while I was working out the height. Just don't do like I did and go driving without putting those front...
  8. vwcanuck

    Lowing advice for my 1969 Bay

    I lowered my 68 a few inches with only beam adjusters. Dropped spindles didn't exist for my bus when I did it, and even if they did the cost is way too much for my budget. So a pair of BUS adjusters (larger beam diameter than Beetles), a pair of shorter front shocks and beam grease, to keep all...
  9. vwcanuck

    Washer bottle losing pressure

    Much of the time there is simple fix, although not permanent because the system is just not made to hold pressure forever. Check the condition of the tube where it connects to the bottle. The tube dries out where it has been stretched over the nipple, so trim off a cm or so and reconnect it. If...
  10. vwcanuck

    Panel Van Porn

    My panel made the feature picture from a monthly moto meet-up.
  11. vwcanuck

    Panel Van Porn

    Love that you stuck with wide 5 wheels. Wheel & drum colour combo same as my 68 panel ... looks great! :D
  12. vwcanuck

    Engine Bay Fire Wall

    Good to hear :D
  13. vwcanuck

    Early 68 bay rear drums (Feb 68 bus)

    Yup ... and here is the matching backer plate from an original January 68.
  14. vwcanuck

    What is best stuff to lube side door rollers.

    My slider always worked great, but even smoother with a high quality motorcycle chain spray lube. The lube is reliable in a metal on metal, high speed, moderate temperature, highly polluted, violently wet, dirty environment. It's thin and doesn't evaporate or attract dirt. I use it for a lot...
  15. vwcanuck

    Which welder

    I used an Eastwood 135 Mig with argon gas mix bottle and 6 mm wire for all the body and frame repairs on my bus. I used a flux core wire without gas at higher temp for welding in my Avis beam adjusters and all has held for after a few years of driving. Full length clothes with hat, welding...
  16. vwcanuck

    Lowering my 68'

    I lowered my 68 almost 3 inches the cheapest way I could without doing the "turn and weld" or remove leaves methods. I welded in Avis bus beam adjusters (larger beam diameter than beetle beam adjusters) in the front and the rear torsion bar was turned one spline (inner/outer I don't remember...
  17. vwcanuck

    Best way to spend £100

    I'd spend it on gas, gasoline, fuel, petrol, whatever you might call it, and enjoy going somewhere new or taking the missus somewhere she always wanted to go. It would be win win ... win for you, your bus and the missus :D
  18. vwcanuck

    exhaust fumes in cab

    I had exhaust fumes come into the cab last year. A quick look and I found a disconnected heater hose (number 11 in the pic ... not my engine). Hope you find the problem soon, those fumes can be dangerous to your health.
  19. vwcanuck

    Beetle exhaust on early bay

    I like the look, sound and preformance of my standard beetle exhaust. My pea shooters are chrome and fit fine without touching the bumper. Here is a discussion that might be of help from the samba ..."...
  20. vwcanuck

    71 bay lowering

    It rides rougher over the big bumps than a modern car so I avoid the roads that are too rough. Shorter shocks are needed. Once I lowered the bus, I measured the shock length/travel from normal driving weight, the bus with wheels on the ground, up to the maximum possible extension of the...