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  1. Albie5

    '71 Moonraker "The Rustmaker"

    Great work! I’m on a similar restoration myself - on the driveway, weather here in the north rules out most days I can work on the van. YouTube idea sounds good if you can put it all together.
  2. Albie5

    No Charger ???

    looks a bargain! I used to buy my mini grinding discs off Amazon, but not as cheap now as they were.
  3. Albie5

    Petrol tank strap 1970

    Are you talking the metal strap? Can’t you weld it back together?
  4. Albie5

    Carburretor Quiz

    Many years ago I swapped my solex for a single Weber progressive carb. Difference was like night and day - I could easily climb hills in 4th gear and had much more power. (engine is a new Stateside built 1600)
  5. Albie5

    van covers

    I bought one years ago from JustKampers. They’ve changed the material of the cover over the years. Mine was a thick breathable waterproof material. It has been excellent, although you do need extra (wrap around) support straps to cope with storm winds.
  6. Albie5

    Northern Spain

    The crossing will depend on the weather (and time of year) I did the crossing to Santander once (winter) and arrived hung over from sea-sickness. Calais to Bilbao overland (return) should be half the £1000 ferry costs. The motels in France are quite cheap (but not as cheap as 25 years ago when I...
  7. Albie5


    A weekend there (Busfest) camper, two adults, petrol : £200 minimum : Is it worth it?
  8. Albie5


    I’ve emailed Scholfield twice over two weeks for technical support and had nothing back. I’ve been to their premises in Glossop and they were very helpful, but don’t appear to answer emails.
  9. Albie5

    Fuel Hose and the dreaded E10

    All very interesting - thanks for the information. I’m off-road at the moment, and will be for a while, but will check out in the future. I imagine an automatic fire extinguisher in the engine bay is a good idea.
  10. Albie5

    Dormobile and leisure battery questions

    Don’t gas cylinders and batteries have to be stored in vented areas? Can sealed batteries give off gas?
  11. Albie5

    Replacement engine

    I was thinking the VWEC company have been advertising for such a long time in VW magazines, that they can’t be that bad ! A company survives on its reputation and if dodgy is usually found out after a couple of years or so. The company appears to be thriving. I’d be interested to hear from...
  12. Albie5

    Replacement engine

    My engine came from Stateside Tuning (many years ago) Always proved reliable.
  13. Albie5

    Feeling underpowered.

    I’ve changed to a Weber progressive carb and it’s made all the difference.
  14. Albie5

    Brand new Early Bays!

    Brilliant !
  15. Albie5

    Hello all, hoping to get a bay window bus shortly, possibly an early one.

    Agreed - any bus over 50 years old in the UK (not garaged) will have some rot and require work.
  16. Albie5

    Brake upgrade

    I hope to go the servo route when I’m back on the road.
  17. Albie5

    Hello from Germany.

    OK, thanks Rambow2304 !
  18. Albie5

    Hello from Germany.

    Hi Rambo2304— nice work, where do you buy your panels?
  19. Albie5

    Hello from Germany.

    Hallo Rambo. Nice work. Did you fabricate the part for the c-pillar repair?
  20. Albie5

    Hello from Cornwall

    Welcome to the forum - looks a cool bus!