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  1. mike202

    Battery light staying on bright £335 now for a Bosch alternator.
  2. mike202

    Bay in The Guardian

    There’s a retired woman in our town who I often see walking around litter picking, even on the bypass. It’s good that people do that.
  3. mike202

    Group buy- Delrin bush for shift rod

    That's 17 posted out! '2nd class signed for' Look out for them arriving either Friday or Saturday morning. The bushes all look great, and well made.
  4. mike202

    1970 SO 69/3 Campmobile

    Welcome to the forum! Just to let you know the attachments you added to your post are not working for me anyway. I use the 'insert image' icon in the post box, shown above. Good luck with your restoration:)
  5. mike202

    Group buy- Delrin bush for shift rod

    Matty74 NickP gas1man I just need three more addresses please. Thanks Matty74 and NickP for the extra £2.50.
  6. mike202

    Group buy- Delrin bush for shift rod

    Has been a learning curve for sure !
  7. mike202

    Group buy- Delrin bush for shift rod

    Hi everyone. I have paid the import taxes which was more than I anticipated. I expected it to be around £40-60 but it was £168 ! So I am £100 short of funds after taking into account postage charges. Sorry about this, but can I ask you all for an additional £2.50 each to cover this please...
  8. mike202

    A favour ….

  9. mike202

    Group buy- Delrin bush for shift rod

    I just need seven more folks addresses. I am writing out the envelopes hoping I get the package soon ! 😀 Andrew Blackwell Matty74 Mikek Buss69 Karlos NickP gas1man
  10. mike202

    Group buy- Delrin bush for shift rod

    I was notified they will be delivered tomorrow- I’ll confirm when I post them out.
  11. mike202

    Your Early Bay Picture of the Day .....

    First drive out this year. Went to The Sill visitor centre for lunch (Hadrian’s Wall)
  12. mike202

    Any recommendations for electronic ignition?

    CSP Pacemaker. If you prefer more stock look than the 123.
  13. mike202

    Which oil

    I use Millers Classic Pistoneeze 20w50. It good between -20deg ad +40deg C, although I don't use the van in the winter. It has a good ZDDP level.
  14. mike202

    Adding lightness (AKA jettisoning unnecessary crap).

    You won't have to wash up for a week while you're away with all that cutlery! :ROFLMAO:
  15. mike202

    1967 Neptune Blue Deluxe

    I think I've seen that fuel pump stand on someone else's set up. Is it available to buy?
  16. mike202

    Group buy- Delrin bush for shift rod

    Haha, I don't think it's a magic cure-all for gear shift problems, but it is one important part in the chain. I just hope everyone thinks it's worth it. :)
  17. mike202

    Group buy- Delrin bush for shift rod

    I have sent off the order to Aircooled Vintage Works in the USA, so when I receive the package I will update the thread. If you haven't already can you email/PM your name and address please. I don't suppose the order will arrive the next day like Amazon :LOL: probably a week or so. Just to...
  18. mike202

    1967 Neptune Blue Deluxe

    Nice job! I like the fuel pump stand. There's not a lot of room in there to place one on the side.
  19. mike202

    Westy bed hinge springs

    This is a pic of mine when I took it out to refurb in 2020. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of the actual spring but it sits inside the bar with the little 'tooth' that moves. This is to lock the hinge in place. I think if you lift up the seat base that unlocks the 'tooth' and the bed can then...
  20. mike202

    Group buy- Delrin bush for shift rod

    Mike202👍 Andrew Blackwell👍 Ozziedog👍 Chad 👍 Budbay6👍 Matty74👍 Mikek👍 Buss69(y) Karlos👍 Redgaz(y) list one is complete.