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  1. creationblue

    Spring Valley Bus meets Corvair

    I fitted a toothed belt to see how it performs, bc the engine has been reversed the alternator side is slack (see pic) and when hot it won’t always give a charge due to slip, it’s taken me ages to figure out the reason after noting the patterns over the last couple of trips So on testing...
  2. creationblue

    Which oil

    Don't forget to add sawdust, about a cup per litre (y)
  3. creationblue

    '71 Moonraker "The Rustmaker"

    Great work, please tell me you are going back to Sierra Yellow :cool:
  4. creationblue

    Which oil

    I looked into this for my Corvair engine and went for FUCHS TITAN UNIMAX 10W40, its a premium oil at a decent price imo,
  5. creationblue

    Adding lightness (AKA jettisoning unnecessary crap).

    Every year about now I go through the cupboards and drawers and throw away out of date food tins, spares for a type1 engine that I haven't had for over 5 years etc, however this year I re-stocked the cutlery drawer a put some crockery back in as normally at a show I eat out but a few weeks ago...
  6. creationblue

    Dubs at the Castle 2024

    We’ll be there :cool:
  7. creationblue

    Spring Valley Bus meets Corvair

    So, we had a fun weekend All four seasons in a day along with high winds and hail! Was great to get in the bus tho! Of course there was a slight issue…. The fan belt had worn and was not charging (yea that issue again). On inspection the adjustment idler would take the belt beyond the...
  8. creationblue

    1969 Westy parcel shelf above the bed

    Hi. The early Earlies had the net and the mid to late Earlies have the headbanger shelf (as did the late bays, but that don’t fit the Earlybay). Tintop & poptops had the same interiors
  9. creationblue

    Spring Valley Bus meets Corvair

    As a stroke of luck, the neighbour walked past and said when your done, come and pour the waste oil in my 25l drum, I'll take it in to work and dispose of it for you :cool:
  10. creationblue


    Nice one Oz, must fit a light in my engine bay. Looks good
  11. creationblue

    Spring Valley Bus meets Corvair

    This weekend I dropped the oil & filter. Didn’t do it last year so was due a change. Actually I had an oil leak coming from the bell housing, so it’s been on my mind to investigate, but when I found those loose bolts and sorted that issue it must have cured the oil leak too which makes sense...
  12. creationblue

    Spring Valley Bus meets Corvair

    Dismantled the hub to get the adaptor off. Bought a cheap snide makita battery as the one I had wouldn’t take a charge and it’s worked a treat. Ran an m14 tap through all the threads and put it all back together. One thing that I’d never encountered before was the hub got stuck on the stub...
  13. creationblue

    Volksworld Show 2024

    Perhaps a good idea for organisers of the larger events would be to have a dedicated pre-(name a year) option camping area. Don't get me wrong I've met plenty of peeps over the years who drive later vehicles but I have more in common with the AC guys. Chatting around a fire about how the...
  14. creationblue

    1970 San Francisco westfalia resto

    Bus looks fantastic mate, I've never been a massive fan of gasburners but looking at yours I am really digging them :cool:
  15. creationblue

    Volksworld Show 2024

    The whole Earlybay scene has fragmented in recent year, I see so many at shows still but it seems that the T5/6 owners are the ones that are more interested in actually showing their vehicles. I believe it's because less people use this site and more use Facebook. This was always a good place to...
  16. creationblue

    Spring Valley Bus meets Corvair

    I just ordered some bolts off JK :LOL::LOL: Ordered a steering coupler and some brake fluid but thanks for the offer. Van currently running on 3 bolts just to get it back in the garage, the other 4 threads all took a bolt and I’m sure the damaged one will come good, but yea I’ll mark it for...
  17. creationblue

    Spring Valley Bus meets Corvair

    We all got a me to story after all these year surly lol. So the JK seals turned up and went in the freezer, I got home from work and they pushed straight in, no force needed. They did look a different make to the ones that came in the kit, so anyone else ready this get the oils seals separately...
  18. creationblue

    Spring Valley Bus meets Corvair

    Quick update, had a spare hour so whipped off the front wheel (fucked a thread last time using an impact gun, took an hour!) Smashed out the inner and outer bearings on the late bay hub (red9 wishbone) no problem, tried to instal the oil seal and no! Damaged it putting it in, no problem, I’ll...
  19. creationblue

    Any Cruise or Drives planned??

    we could all meet up for lunch at some point as a get-together, this would please Scottie too i'd say ;)
  20. creationblue

    Camper Jam

    I always go, always a great weekend and loads of AC around the site, we are welcome to do a line up but for some unknown reason people prefer to stay at their camp rather than drive down to the show site and display/drink all day. Which is exactly what I do on the saturday. Means you are right...