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  1. the_troupster

    Engine Sound Deadening Grills

    Lovely jubbly. I'll keep my eye on those. So no metal ones where used on earlies then? Cheers, Jim
  2. the_troupster


    I too have been absent for a while, but will be using this valuable resource a lot this year as my 'van under goes another 'refresh' after I originally rebuilt it 10 years ago. Using a proper web page/internet forum is a damn site easier to navigate than FB! Donation made... Hope all are...
  3. the_troupster

    Engine Sound Deadening Grills

    Hi all, My '71 is in need of these replacing... What year did VW change to the metal ones as opposed the the saggy wooden ones? Were any available for the '71? I see a set for sale on eBay but am I right in thinking these will not fit an earlier 'van...
  4. the_troupster

    WANTED: Engine lid

    Show price at Tatton was £120. Had a good nose at one for myself. Very nice and heavy. Cheers, Jim
  5. the_troupster

    Engine conundrum

    Whats goosed about it? Cheers, Jim
  6. the_troupster

    Fitting direct operated servo to RHD bus

    Also interested to hear how this install goes, or stops as the case maybe... Cheers Jim
  7. the_troupster

    Drink holders, show us yours

    I've been after a couple of these for a while now, but still not actually stumped up the cash for a bit of bent wire... Cheers, Jim
  8. the_troupster

    Just seen this on Facebook, hope it's no one on here

    Bugger :( Makes you think doesn't it. Best wishes Jim
  9. the_troupster

    Engine lid - fair price?

    So I'm unlikely to pick one up for £20 then? :lol: No bother, I'll soon hack some new steel into mine. At those prices I can justify spending 2 days on fixing mine up pretty good. Cheers, Jim
  10. the_troupster

    Engine lid - fair price?

    Hi all, Just wondering what's a fair price to pay for an engine lid? I repaired mine a few years ago and its starting to look a bit rough again. Should I just replace or repair properly with new steel? I don't doing a bit of body work, but wondering if it's worth my time? Cheers, Jim
  11. the_troupster

    Engine....what is missing/wrong?
  12. the_troupster

    Engine....what is missing/wrong?

    No 6 is there but you are missing no 2 for sure. You could do with getting another inlet manifold and exhaust header with pre heat. Air filter you know about. May as well reinstate the air hoses. You have heat exchangers after all... Cheers, Jim
  13. the_troupster

    whats the top speed approx for a 1600 early bay

    Pop your sender in boiling water and see if it reads 100C... I have one of these and have got it to flash on occasion. Cheers, Jim
  14. the_troupster

    Understanding ET BRMs on a Bay

    I run BRM's on my Bay and yes the ET is turd! 175/50 on front and 185/65 on back. I had to do some light 'relieving' with a hammer on the rear inner arches... Cheers, Jim
  15. the_troupster

    Engine bar on lowered vans

    I'm surprised none of the lowering "hauses" haven't started a line in producing these yet. If you go about it in the right way you could also work in an slight engine raise. Maybe only a 1cm or so would work in a stock setup, but every little helps! I'm planning on re-working mine soon, but i'd...
  16. the_troupster

    SOLD- Vintage Speed Exhaust

    Please let me know if the above aren't interested. Cheers, Jim
  17. the_troupster

    Engine advice

    Sell the Subaru engine to a water cooled T25 owner. I'd run air cooled every time on Bays now they are becoming more historic. Swap the flywheel to a stock, full weight jobbie. Put some stock ratio rockers in to try and tame that Cam a little? it'll be a pain at low rpm where you need some...
  18. the_troupster

    Need 8x13 Valve Guides

    Hi, I'm swapping out the exhaust valve guides on my CT 1600 heads. They have 13mm OD valve guides. I already have 8mm stemmed stainless valves to go in, so i'd like some 8x13mm guides but i cant find a UK supplier! Can anyone assist?! Cheers Jim
  19. the_troupster

    Will not start with out a jump pack

    You may want to try a hot start relay...