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    Engine Misfire/Fuel Starve Issue

    Buy a small multimeter, They are cheap. The only two functions you will need are VDC and ohms. The tube has good tutorials how to use it. heres one on Evilbay for a tenner...
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    Engine Misfire/Fuel Starve Issue

    If there is a fuel cut off solenoid on the carb make sure connection is good. An intermittent fault on sov will do that. just looked at video and that does sound like an intermittent electrical connection cutting the engine completely. Check the rotor centre connection to plugs and leads and...
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    Fogstar Lithium battery

    To all the people making fun. Leave him alone! But if you do get a phone get an iphone 5 or similar. Its small and cheap (£20/30) Disable all the shit it thinks you need. It has a camera and a route finder which is useful. (I used to draw on postits for directions) Believe me, I held on to...
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    Fuel Pump

    wire all your spigots too
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    Fuel Pump

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    They are all becoming complacent so vote with your feet and do not use them. all their products are from one or two main suppliers and probably most is made in China. chrome parts rust and alloy wheel corrode within months. Chrome plating involves a long and complex process, beginning with...
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    Don't see many of these...

    There are plenty of smoking hot ones of these in Ukraine with a drone up its arse!
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    Starter Motor

    If you dab the terminal connected to the braid and if motor good then it will run. It is supported by internal bearings and the spindle is for alignment and support under starting loads. But hold it tight as the torque will make it kick! Check that you can spin by hand too in case it is seized...
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    Hot Engine and Oil light on advice needed

    that was only to show that the purists have to change their choice of oil. Other causes of overheating and not from a device that is misleading (I would bet is is made somewhere that is renowned for poor quality in all its manufacturing base.) A slipping generator/alternator belt, poorly...
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    Hot Engine and Oil light on advice needed

    Oil recommendations from the Bentley manual stating why mono grades are obsolete
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    Starter Motor

    the contacts in the solenoid are not possibly not making. put 12v direct on to motor and see if it spins. If not then its the brushes or the commutator etc.
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    Dynamo Kaput..?

    One day I called in to my local VW shop and the owner was struggling with the electrics on a van as the indicators were not working correctly. Everything else seemed ok. We tested this and that and checked earths and all the usual stuff. Anyway the owner went for a cuppa and I carried on and...
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    Belly Pans - Are They Necessary?

    My outer ones were welded on but when they were removed the underside main chassis was near on perfect. The middle part protected the centre too. Surely they must also help with reducing drag and fuel consumption. VW thought of this long before Bernie Ecclectone had his ground effect F1's !
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    Change from solex 30 pict 3 to solex 34 pict 3

    Move that fuel filter. It's more hassle to have it outside below the tank but its a bit safer. And while you're at it wire up the brass spigot to the carb. Small inexpensive changes like this can reduce the fire risk. I also have a Blaze Cut in the engine bay and hope I never need it. How...
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    Burning smell

    My alternator bearing seized because the bush between the pulley and the bearing allowed the bearing to rotate on the shaft generating so much heat that the bearing housing alloy plate melted. (on the M6 last august) Earlier I had noticed a loss of pulling power a few miles earlier. Check that...
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    Burning smell

    Check your wheels are spinning freely or move it and see if it brakes on its own
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    What oil?

    Turn the 5 l oil can round with the air gap at the spout. No glug then!
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    Fuel in crank case.

    Replace your mech pump with a US made Facet electric pump. Instant fuel at the carbs with ignition on!
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    Fuel in crank case.

    Cool Air and all the other VW specialists!! I bought new shiny slot mags and within a few months they look shit because the lacquer being thinner on the edges has allowed oxidisation. The lacquer needs to be removed permanently and will be easier to upkeep. The rivet on the hinge of the quarter...
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    won't start when hot?

    It's possibly not the solenoid. It will be a sticky shaft that the starter gear wheel slides on. Clean all the gunk with a de greaser and then coat the shaft with graphite dry grease. I have used a pencil for the graphite and that works too using 4B or higher (softer).