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  1. J

    Vehicle For Sale 1972 RHD Early Bay Crossover £12,995

    Selling our beloved 1972 VW Campervan after 8 years of fun and adventures. This campervan is ready to go with a sound engine and fully-kitted interior, ready to drive away and start your own adventures. The back end of the vehicle has been completely refurbed (2022) with brand new panels...
  2. J

    Specialists in Dunstabe?

    Hi all, thanks for your advice and recommendations, much appreciated! I'll check a few of these out and let you know how I get off. Ozziedog I'll get some pics up as soon as I get my bus. :) Only a few more days to wait...
  3. J

    Specialists in Dunstabe?

    Hi all!! Yesterday I bought my very first T2 VW camper!! she's a 1972 crossover and I can't wait to be picking her up next week. She seems in pretty good condition but I want to give her the once over soon and then look to start on the TLC she's recently been lacking. I've been looking online...
  4. J

    Looking for my first bus

    Hi Parker999 Thanks for your reply and offer. I think I'd prefer a van with a pop top of sorts but I'm in the early stages of looking so I may be back to ask about yours!
  5. J

    Looking for my first bus

    Hi all, Looking for my first bus, about £10k to spend. My parents have a 1972 Devon crossover pop top which I absolutely love! It's made me jealous and want one myself. Looking for something mechanically sound and preferably something I can use straight away. I'm based outside Milton...
  6. J

    1971 early bay RHD - £9995

    Hi! Beautiful looking van. Is it still available?