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  1. 67westy

    Group buy- Delrin bush for shift rod

    Hi Mike, If you end up with enough for a third list then I'd like one please :) Adam
  2. 67westy

    Parts For Sale Front drums/backing plates

    I've had these parts sat on a shelf since changing to discs a few years ago. Front drums and shoes - these were new at the end of 2015 and we're used for around 6k miles. Drums are the late split type with the correct seal to fit an early bay. Includes grease caps, bearings and shoes. £150...
  3. 67westy

    Xmas gifts

    It was :) it looks like they've done a great job again. I've got to wait until the new year to see it in the flesh though! It's been ten years since the resto now. At the time there was a bit more to do in the usual places (sills, arches etc). At the time other than a few dents the front panel...
  4. 67westy

    Xmas gifts

    This years gift to the bus is a bit of minor surgery 😯
  5. 67westy

    Steering box rebuild…

    I guess it depends how knackered it is :) I stripped mine about 10 years ago, machined the peg as it had a flat spot (replacements weren't available back then) and changed the seals. Has worked well since although recently developed a small drip. Seal sizes are 24-36-7 and 25-36-7
  6. 67westy

    Boosted/Servo install in 1968 RHD Lowlight

    I fitted the csp front disk kit a couple of years ago and it made a nice difference, especially not having to adjust the drums all the time! I've looked in to the remote servo a couple of times but not gone ahead yet. I know Graham at midland early bay does the conversions.
  7. 67westy

    Headlight dimmer switch not working

    Happened to me before and it was an earth in the stalk that needed resoldering. See if you have any wires come loose
  8. 67westy

    Do your Kids love busses?

    Our kids absolutely love it. They are 7 and 5 now and up until last year we managed with a 3 point belt in the back and a lap belt with an appropriate seat. The youngest has now outgrown that seat so we are using a multimac instead which is awesome (although a little heavy). It wasn't cheap but...
  9. 67westy

    Your Early Bay Picture of the Day .....

    Just back from a family camping trip
  10. 67westy

    Solar Panels

    This is what I've been running for the last 4 years, no issues and keeps everything topped up whilst running the compressor fridge, lights, charging etc. Recently I've been using it to power the rapido 12v as well. I have it permanently fixed to the rack but could easily be made removable if you...
  11. 67westy

    Weird noise from hubcap

    I was going to suggest the horseshoe clip might have fallen off and was rattling in the drum, happened to me in the past. Wouldn't explain the hubcap though unless it was just a coincidence?
  12. 67westy

    Start of Bay Westfalia production?

    Hopefully these help.
  13. 67westy

    Kids in the back - multimac seatbelt alternative?

    Cheers all I'll report back after a couple of months use. If anyone wants a look at it I'm sure we'll be at a few shows this year
  14. 67westy

    Kids in the back - multimac seatbelt alternative?

    I decided to give the multimac a go and it arrived this week and it's a very nice bit of kit. Very easy to install and it's very secure. One slight snag where the legs supplied are a little short but they are sending out some longer ones today so customer service seems spot on as well. The seat...
  15. 67westy

    disappearing post!

    Another vote for getting Tapatalk back from me. I have all the forums I access under one app and I'm far less likely to browse the forum if it's not accessible from Tapatalk
  16. 67westy

    What size spare tyre?? And valve question

    I tried that and the best the breakdown cover would do was give me the number for a mobile tyre service. That was two different breakdown services. Their view was if the vehicle had a spare from the factory then it's your own fault if you don't have one Sent from my Pixel 6 using Tapatalk
  17. 67westy

    Kids in the back - multimac seatbelt alternative?

    I'll give you a bell soon then :) I might need to make a decision of future children as well :lol:
  18. 67westy

    Kids in the back - multimac seatbelt alternative?

    Hi Graham All well thanks, hope you are too. Still at 2 kids (for now). We tend to use the Rapido for sleeping now so would rarely use the bed in the westy. I had briefly looked at the isofix bars but it would only buy us a couple of years max until we need the belt or another solution. For...
  19. 67westy

    Kids in the back - multimac seatbelt alternative?

    Cheers ozzie. Similar lines to my thoughts. The westy bed frame is fairly sturdy. As it attaches to the seatbelt anchors I'm hoping not too much pressure will be on the base itself but I'll definitely be giving them a call to talk it through Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
  20. 67westy


    +VAT as well Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk