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  1. Araon

    Left or right hand drive

    If your ever lucky enough to bump into Slammed Kustom on here, a super skilled metal Smith and see his awesome bus and speak to him about doing a proper conversion, he'd never do it again. Whats worse he had a look at a lot of conversions performed by so called specialists that fall well short...
  2. Araon

    Left or right hand drive

    Never, there's a bit more to it than a box and dash swap... You'll never recoup the cost
  3. Araon

    Pre-Heat Tubes for Weber 32/36 Inlet Manifold

    I think that was sent cheers
  4. Araon

    Pre-Heat Tubes for Weber 32/36 Inlet Manifold

    Please, pm how you want paying etc.... Araon
  5. Araon

    Type 002 VW 3 Rib Transmission

    Way over the mark
  6. Araon

    Oh crap

    Because that's my job and some Muppet told me it was painless and the stories of folks suffering was now hocum.... it wasn't!
  7. Araon

    Oh crap

    You obviously didn't have the same butcher I had. I ended up with two nurses calming me down whilst another administered further pain killers whilst the doc wore my scrotum for a glove. Not pleasant, not painfree, and night shift afterwards was no joke, a 6k hike on rail ballast, never again...
  8. Araon

    M Code Question

    The m plate would never indicate a Devon, since Westfalia were the only VW recognised conversions hence you get all the relavent westy m codes... the rest bought kombies etc for conversion or customers supplied busses for conversion...
  9. Araon

    what do you reckon to this then?

    He is a member on here and had a spat with another Donny lad on here a few years ago now for those who remember that far back there's details of the build somewhere on here in the gallery section.
  10. Araon

    Bay window novice knowledge hungry

    Read the site it's all on here. All the differences, it's far to much to generate a whole new thread on. Plus take a look at thelatebay .com . Read the books there's plenty out there especially Laurence Meridiths Original VW Bus
  11. Araon

    Bent Engine Mounting Bolt

    Post in tech next time
  12. Araon

    how far should i go?

    There's enough to do keeping spam at bay and dealing with arguments etc to then spend a lot of time moving posts about, so no I disagree it was measured the next time it simply gets deleted
  13. Araon

    how far should i go?

    Can you try and post in the right section please
  14. Araon

    Why oh why, words escape me

    Surprisingly common in the 90s many a crash repair hidden using these baysplits
  15. Araon

    '68- Unique?

    Another one well noted for the anal amongst us
  16. Araon

    Is it possible that.......

    As above if it's dripping from the ducks bill I'd hazard a guess you have a pressure issue
  17. Araon

    Super Excited!! :D ...... update: The baby has arrived!

    Well done did you find it on here or another site or other routes? Always handy to know from a site administration point of view
  18. Araon

    The Comfi Combi Camper Crate, as seen in 'Camper & Bus' Mag.

    So what you banging these out for