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    Accelerator Cable Broke (threaded section)

    I’ve fitted one, well worth the investment 👍 One point, when fitted I was out testing the mechanism and put my foot to the floor to test full range and my twin carbs went past point where spring return would close as I eased off accelerator. Quick fix though with a slight adjustment.
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    Tank blocked or fuel pump?

    Sorted and running. When checking fuel line I found the the fuse for fuel cut off solenoid on engine bay extinguisher had failed - don’t think it blown but broke due to vibration.
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    Tank blocked or fuel pump?

    Pretty sure no floaters, was cleaned out as best as possible a year back. I suppose some more crud could have appeared or some remained. Is it safe to put water proof boroscope into a tank of petrol? I’ve got a siphon pump so going to empty it as much as possible if I need to before emptying...
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    Tank blocked or fuel pump?

    Yes, mechanical. Will look at then when happy with fuel supply to it 👍
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    Tank blocked or fuel pump?

    Yes, I’m going to try and blow back. Got a solenoid valve in way on line for fire extinguisher but will make sure it’s open.
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    Tank blocked or fuel pump?

    Hi, got a dead ‘71 dormobile! Cranking fine but being starved of fuel. Have checked everything ignition wise. I’m now at fuel pump in/out. Pretty much nothing coming out of pump. Any idea how much fuel should be coming from tank line? I’ve had it blocked in tank before and that was flushed clean...
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    New to EarlyBay ? Say Hi here ...

    Hi all, recently joined and my first post is of course to say hi! Recently become an owner of a ‘71 Dormobile. Have a smile on my face every time I drive it and I’ve had a few fun and games already with a couple of teething issues, probably due to my size 11’s being a bit clunky! 🤣