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  1. jamiealex

    Your Early Bay Picture of the Day .....

    Mine's a 69 with EJ25 conversion. Started as a lockdown project and is still work in progress... cut out the bulkheads to fit a pair of 60s MGB seats on swivels, freeway flyer, hook up etc. not really one for the purist but lots of fun!
  2. jamiealex

    Parts Wanted Early bay rear lights and housings

    Hi, I will have these if not already sold?
  3. jamiealex

    my first double cab 1971

    Hi PPP - can you still get the Barndoor steering wheels?
  4. jamiealex

    67-70 Nos ignition switch

    I am definitely interested if it is the whole unit with steering lock?
  5. jamiealex

    67-70 Nos ignition switch

    I need a 69 ignition barrel with the steering lock attached - do you have a pic?
  6. jamiealex

    Stock spindles

    Hi, does anyone have a pair of stock spindles for a 68/69 Early Bay. Could possibly p/x for a dropped pair?