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  1. Doris

    hi everyone...long time no see!!

    Hello you early bayers,sorry its been so long.I logged in and had loads of pm's so Ill wade through them. Before I chat on,yes I can still do the fog brackets if there is demand,the problem was the powder coating price,however I can still get them painted. So,Doris has been gone a bit now and...
  2. Doris

    Does anyone on here know Doris?

    You called??? :mrgreen:
  3. Doris

    FOR SALE Erde single wheel trailer soooo rare!

    Want to own a genuinely rare classic 50's/60's period accessory to hitch up to your VW? This beautiful little single wheel trailer has been in storage and is now being offered for really turns heads as it so can see people looking at it as they drive by thinking "how does that...
  4. Doris

    Hi all, long time no see...

    Hi Al, Thanks for the reply! I've been asked a lot about doing the brackets again. I will start a new thread soon, as no doubt the prices will have changed since I last did them. Regards - Rob
  5. Doris

    Hi all, long time no see...

    Thanks for the replies all! I'll be about,hopefully be able to help someone who is just starting a resto if they have any questions or come across any hiccups that I come across. :mrgreen:
  6. Doris

    well.....It was good while it lasted!

    tadda :mrgreen: back with a bug rather than an early bay though!
  7. Doris

    Sold my bus , mixed feelings

    Hi matey. this is my first post in months after having to sell mine. it was heart breaking at the time but it was the right decision.I dont know what your circumstances are but I felt it would have been worse to keep the bus and it be a source of it happens,it became the deposit...
  8. Doris

    Hi all, long time no see...

    Hi early bayers! just popped in to say hello after my absence! As you may recall, Doris went to a new home in the summer and I felt I needed a break away from earlybay to 'heal the wound'. I do miss having an early bay,however her sale allowed us to get our dream home. I'm just about to look...
  9. Doris

    The ricky Gervais show series 1 & 2 DVD's

    hardly used,great condition...£10 posted for the pair......
  10. Doris

    vintage VW service documents /maps/adverts

    Hi all, a rare 1969 technical service handbook for T1,2 & 3 models.This book was printed in Germany Jan 69 (530-069-20),published for VW technicians in 1968 for 1969.It contains, tolerances, measurements,sizes etc. worn with age so a few dog ears, mechanics writing on the odd page.apart from...
  11. Doris

    my 1971 danburyfalia pop top project

    Its the smell from Widnes that drifts over to Runcorn! ;-)
  12. Doris

    well.....It was good while it lasted!

    Thank you all so much for your much as it hurts I know its the right decision for the family! Best wishes everyone! :grin:
  13. Doris

    dismantling oil bath air filter

    From think I tried and came to the conclusion I'd have to damage it to split.
  14. Doris

    Post resto clear out sale....

    one of uber's pedal locks in blue...never got round to using it,just what I paid, £35 posted .... beige wolfsburg lap belt in working order with bolts £14 posted.... a pair of original Dormobile pop top hold down straps £5 posted.... ultra rare,NOS early bay spare wheel clamp plate &...
  15. Doris

    no drill FOG + SPOT lamp brackets ~ as featured in KYBA 4

    you're welcome Shaun, it looks sweet! 8)
  16. Doris

    Post resto clear out sale....

    beauty rings sold....anything else anyone wants?
  17. Doris

    well.....It was good while it lasted!

    With a heavy heart I thought it time to tell you that I've done something I've never thought would happen....I've sold Doris! Its a Familiar story...For a while now we've been wanting to move cut a long story short,I've been doing the best I can to scrape together a deposit but it...
  18. Doris

    Post resto clear out sale....

    A set of 4 14" stainless steel beauty rings.....perfect for a bus!! used but excellent condition,straight & free of kurb rash buckles etc. £35....can post at cost
  19. Doris

    Post resto clear out sale....

    Hi Luke.yes mate,pm to arrange.I'm posting some stuff tomorrow so might be able to get them out to you then. Cheers - Rob