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    Wanted - Poptop Westy light resto ok what ya got?

    Hey guys Im after a poptop westy for a customer Needs to be solid most importantly, interior not important as we are to build a new one to his needs prefer one that is running/driving or doesn't need too much in that respect but lets see whats out there we have a build budget to stick to and...
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    70 Savannah Beige California Import project

    cant seem to find any of your buses on that link dude... looking for a westy poptop for a customer ;)
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    69 Deluxe Sunroof Cali bus forsale

    that's an older pic as it was one I found on an old tinypic account..
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    69 Deluxe Sunroof Cali bus forsale

    69 Deluxe bus, it came over from California and is very solid its also very straight too not all bashed up, the corners are very very nice.. Ive had it about a year and have been gradually getting it ready for the road but unfortunately im losing my storage and have nowhere safe/secure or dry...
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    69 Deluxe Sunroof Cali bus forsale

    ah ok thanks for the heads up ! :/ My apologies
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    69 Deluxe Sunroof Cali bus forsale

    Hi guys im selling my bus due to losing my storage... £8k Here's a link to the advert with all the details" onclick=";return false;
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    Adding Extras

    welcome Jason, in fairness your question can be met with a ton of other questions... what do you have, what do you want to have, which battery do you want to run them from, how/when will you be using them, your skill level etc etc etc etc :) where about are you?
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    Westy Ply Headlining Templates

    sounds like this would save a lot of work measuring! please let me know you details for payment ;)
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    advice on 1776 build please :)

    Thanks guys that's a fair enough explanation... Non polished it is then :) Really appreciate all the advice here! In just a few days I've a far better idea of what parts I'm going to be needing for a sensibly built engine
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    advice on 1776 build please :)

    perfect thankyou! :D but it opens up more questions, what would be an acceptable set to go for given the simple spec I have? cam options will be mild but I haven't looked into which ones and why as yet
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    advice on 1776 build please :)

    yeh I assumed just a smooth/polish up will help a bit ?
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    advice on 1776 build please :)

    yep stock crank for now is fine, I can always go stroker couple of years time when funds allow ;) I will keep my eyes peeled for some IDF's or DRLA's but having had issues in the past I was planning on buying new and these two options are way over budget brand new, however if a rebuilt set come...
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    advice on 1776 build please :)

    thanks great advice! im still a little confused by the ratio rockers tho, i'll have to research what they do and why I should use them so I understand that part... heads are stock yes with the exception of machining for the 90.5's, I wasn't going to do anything with them other than a polish up...
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    advice on 1776 build please :)

    Ok so been looking on eBay for carbs, seems there are quite a few dhla's on there Can they be used running vertically? I know weber dcoe's don't like it which is why the idf's are for.. They are within budget for carbs that I had in mind, some are reconditioned too
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    advice on 1776 build please :)

    Thanks guys! Mr 68 that's really helped thankyou.. Sounds like we will have similar specs Carb choice will be hampered by the budget, brand new ict's are half the money of dhla's or idf's, whilst I'd like them I can't push to financing those, unless a good used set were available but how...
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    advice on 1776 build please :)

    hi guys I have a short engine that's been built from an as41 case, lightened & balanced and ready for 90.5 B&P's the heads are good and machined to suit also.. what im after is some advice on what spec to go with as far as the rebuild goes.... I want it to be built for...
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    Volksdine - Aircooled vw meet - Essex 24th april

    Back to the usual slot of the last Thursday of the month... Thursday 24th april 7pm> Aircooled only meet.. Checkout the facebook page for lots of info/photos :D" onclick=";return false;
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    Volksdine - Essex Aircooled Meet, Sun 23rd March & Monthly..

    The last Thursday of the month is our regular date but we're kicking the season off with a Sunday meet which is the 23rd March :D Its a great atmosphere with plenty of cool cars and yep the food/coffee/staff is well recommended
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    For Sale LHD middle bench seat (two seater)

    bit far away which is a shame...