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  1. KateLovesPurple

    Home made ?

    Hi guys, if anyone is interested I still have a copy of the paper template in pdf I can send on to anyone if wanted.
  2. KateLovesPurple

    Where's folks from ?

    I'm in East Devon. It's a lovely place and loads of old buses around here.
  3. KateLovesPurple

    Leisure battery electrics.

    Here you go!
  4. KateLovesPurple

    how to tell what cc th engine is

    If its a type 1 based engine then at most it will be a 1600, if it's a type 4 based engine it could be up to 2000, in stock form. If not stock then who knows! You can go by the engine number, if it has never been rebuilt, that would be good, but it is very likely that it may have been rebuilt at...
  5. KateLovesPurple


    Yes, the et of the wheel necessitated it.
  6. KateLovesPurple


    I run with 15" x 6" T4 steels on mine. Look identical to these. Not sure what et they are, but I do need 10mm spacers front and back and longer studs. My bus is lowered and I have 205 55 (I think) on the back and 195 65 on the front and no issues with wheel rub, unless its particularly uneven...
  7. KateLovesPurple

    Leisure battery electrics.

    I'm away at the moment, I'll video it when I get home if you like! 😊
  8. KateLovesPurple

    Leisure battery electrics.

    Yes, bottom right is the starter battery left is the leisure battery. The wiggly gubbins is as you said, the split charge relay, no fancy voltage sensing stuff. The split charge relay will charge the leisure battery whilst driving but it would take a very long time to charge it from flat. At...
  9. KateLovesPurple

    Leisure battery electrics.

    If it is of any help, this is my setup I put in some years ago now, and apart from changing the PS2 to a Pi games console and adding a couple of 12v and USB sockets, nothing has changed. All the 12v lights are LED, the fridge is an old electrolux 3 way which will kill the leisure battery in...
  10. KateLovesPurple

    Can anyone recommend tune up in East Devon/ West Dorset çlease?

    Hi Pete, Give Rob at Local V Dubs a call. Woodbury, near Exeter.
  11. KateLovesPurple

    Dangerous brake issue

    Agreed, change the flexis, but also you may want to have a look for the T piece at the back, one line splits to both sides. If I remember rightly, it is over the gearbox. It is a 90 degree join, easy for swarf/debris to collect in the joint.
  12. KateLovesPurple

    What is best ?

    I'd vote old school. 3 way fridge, gas hob and grill, 100Ah battery with split charge. Hookup with charger and that's pretty much it. I do have led lights, USB ports, TV and electric water pump on the tap. On hookup, you can last for ever, of grid with the fridge on gas I can run 3 or 4 days...
  13. KateLovesPurple

    Sliding Door Lock - Advice

    Yes, it is a sealed unit, but with care and the judicial use of a grinder and drill it can be opened up. Be prepared to have things fly apart and for you to take a long time and 3 hands to put it back together. There is a small flat coiled spring with 2 legs that controls the lock lever position...
  14. KateLovesPurple

    1970 danbury interior

    Mines a Danbury, originally, but unfortunately I can't help as when I got it, it had a mish mash of Danbury and Devon interior parts which I duly stripped out and sold and built my own interior. Still have the Danbury roof and rear badge though, so I still call it a Danbury. Not a lot of help I...
  15. KateLovesPurple

    Kitchen unit / Gas vents

    You really need them fitted, as you say, one below your gas bottle in it's locker and one below your fridge/hob. I have a couple of these fitted in my van. As long as you rust proof the cut edges and seal them well in to the floor then there should be no real issues. I fitted mine about 13...
  16. KateLovesPurple

    Non starter...???

    Glad to see you got it running. I think I may have been lucky with cheap parts, I have had one of these EMPI 3492 modules in the engine for about 20 years now without any issues, replacing a more expensive one that only lasted a few years.
  17. KateLovesPurple

    Non starter...???

    Have you checked for a spark from the king lead from the coil as sparkywig said? You didn't mention that bit above. Another thing to look at, easily overlooked, does the distributor actually rotate when you turn the engine over? All too easy to lose your spark if it has jumped off it's drive...
  18. KateLovesPurple

    Cheapso torque

    That winds me up that does! Getting the torque wrench out of the truck at work only to find it is still set from last time it was used! :x
  19. KateLovesPurple

    Elevating roof trim

    Try here: I found what I needed for my Danbury here.
  20. KateLovesPurple

    Wheeler Dealers

    Nope! Can't stand Mike. Nuff said.