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  1. J

    Drum Spindles, dropped or otherwise

    Cheers, I've had some amazing vw's over the years and lots of keepers until house, children etc took priority! I've been out of the scene for a while so unsure of demand for parts. I don't want to sell a few bits and be stuck with loads that I can't get rid of! I have a pot of "bus money" I am...
  2. J

    Drum Spindles, dropped or otherwise

    I have a set that were bought brand new for my 69 Westy along with a narrowed beam from T2D about 10 years ago, they have sat in my garage ever since! I am very close to giving up on ever getting my bus done (Long story!) I have loads of new and used and refurbished parts and am close to...
  3. J

    Door rubbers

    Hi, can anyone recommend good quality, value for money door rubbers? The last time I bought some they were a terrible fit and the doors wouldn't even shut! Thanks in advance 😊
  4. J

    Wanted Westy side locker for a 1971 bus

    You mean the wardrobe beside the R&R bed? I have one for a LHD westy! Where are you?
  5. J

    For Sale: Pop Top Canvas - Westfalia Front Hinge 68-73

    If you will take £100 posted I can paypal you right away! Out of interest why are you not re-using it?
  6. J

    Wanted! Early bay westy interior.

    Thanks but you are to far away! LHD early interior parts please
  7. J

    Wanted! Early bay westy interior.

    As it says! Complete or parts, anything out there? I do have a wardrobe and bed cushions, need bed base and hinges, buddy seat,top locker and table! I'm in Norfolk so the nearer the better! Thanks for looking 😀
  8. J

    LHD 1968 Westy Wardrobe for sale

    I dont suppose you are selling anymore of the interior?
  9. J

    Removing Sliding door handle lock barrel Help!!

    Cheers!! Cant remember seeing a grub screw!! There was what looked like a pin going all the way through which I tried to knock through but ended up cracking the inner part of the handle! I'll have a look tomorrow! Thanks again :)
  10. J

    Removing Sliding door handle lock barrel Help!!

    Is there an easy way to get the barrel out? Just broke one handle :evil: Thanks in advance :)
  11. J

    T2 Westfalia interiors and parts for sale (Surrey)

    Still Interested in Interior 2 once I have seen pics! It is for an Early bay isnt it??
  12. J

    Nice 3/4 Early 1969 Westy bed

    If you weren't so far away!! Looking for a nice top locker and buddy seat aswell amongst other things!!
  13. J

    T2 Westfalia interiors and parts for sale (Surrey)

    I did message when they were on eBay, very interested once I've seen some pics,Probably in interior 2! Cheers Dale
  14. J

    Cheap as chips 1969/70 Westy pop

    Hi There, Could I possibly have pics of the back with the tailgate open? Cheers Dale
  15. J

    Westy interior. Wanted

    I have a wardrobe,not in show winning condition but perfectly useable and im in Norfolk!! £60 just t get it out of my way...