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    WANTED: Devon Interior Units

    I am after some Devon interior units. I am after the swing out cooker unit. The unit with the sink that goes down one side next to the rock and roll bed, and also the rear head banger unit that is right at the back on the rooof and extends down the driverside. thanks
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    Wanted: 1971 RHD Devon

    Still after one if anybody hears of anything.
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    Best Pop Top Conversion?

    Just a question about the different pop top conversions. Ignoring the actual interior furniture I was wondering what people’s opinions are on the different pop tops particularly if you don’t have children/need sleeping space in the pop top itself. I have never been inside a Devon conversion but...
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    Wanted: 1971 RHD Devon

    I don’t think anything will really come of this but I thought that I would at least ask. I am looking for a RHD 1971 Devon conversion. Not mint condition but not basket case. Paint doesn’t matter, interior doesn’t matter, engine doesn’t matter. Just not a major project. I don’t have an exact...
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    Bay Sliding Door Sill Repair

    Thanks I have checked out that website before and it is very helpful but I still can't really see or find out the answers to the problems I am facing. Can anyone tell me whether the bottom lip at the front of the middle sill where it is widest is supposed to sit and touch the bottom wide flat...
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    Bay Sliding Door Sill Repair

    Hello I'm desperately after some help on how to fit and align the centre sliding door sill that I repaired with my new inner sill. 5 years ago I managed to repair the centre sliding door sill by butt welding a new piece of sheet metal just below the sliding door track. Despite being really...
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    Bay Body Cuts Wanted

    Hi all I am after two bay window body cuts for my RHD 1974 converted panel van. Hopefully the pictures will help explain the bits I am trying to weld. 1. A small section of the wheel arch tub on the n/s just in front of the seatbelt mount area. I don’t know if panel van wheel arch tubs are...
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    Wanted: Westy Project Cheap

    Hello Everyone I know this is a long shot but I am after a Bay Westy project 1971 onwards. It doesn't have to have an interior or engine the only requirements are that it must be a Right Hand Drive model and it must have a solid roof, chassis rails, window surrounds and not be a complete basket...
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    Compressor Wanted

    Large compressor wanted. Around 150ltr tank. Anything about?
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    '70 Bay Dormobile for Resto/Loads of Parts

    Hi, sorry would rather not split at the moment. The van is still available.
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    '70 Bay Dormobile for Resto/Loads of Parts

    Hi Sorry for the late reply I've been away and trying to fix another van. I've recevied everyone's PMs. I asked someone to log me in and write the advert to start the ball rolling. Unfortunately the pillock forgot to put the words "offers over £1100". Sorry not what everyone wanted to hear...
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    '70 Bay Dormobile for Resto/Loads of Parts

    Hi I have for sale a March 1970 Dormobile Bay that would need a major restoration to get back on the road or alternatively would be a whole vehicle for spares. Most probably the latter. I bought the van to use as a parts donor but things have changed and its not going to be as much use to me...
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    Outrigger Hole for Handbrake??

    Just ordered two new far rear outriggers for my van. The originals seem to have a small circular hole at the bottom to allow the handbrake cables to go through, the new ones don't though. Just wondered if all bay window vans had a hole for the handbrake cables or not?
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    Seam Sealer...?

    Thanks guys for you advice. Very tricky area as there seems to be lots of different opinions on whats the best way and products. Bare metal vs Painted Brushable vs Tubed I actually have POR15 and was hoping to use that on the underside of the car. I have already used it for the curved area...
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    Seam Sealer...?

    I have just welded in a new inner sill and have to do the middle and outter afterwards. I'm not sure what seam sealer product to use along the top of inner sill where it is welded to the floor to prevent water etc getting in? I have heard of brushable seam sealer in a tin and also stuff in a...
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    Wtd: Cargo Floor Piece

    I'm after a piece to repair my cargo floor around 30cm squard would be plenty. Has anyone got anything in the North Dorset / South Somerset area?
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    Wanted: Outdoor Bay cover

    Hey has anyone got an outdoor Type2 bay cover? thanks
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    Wanted: Late Bay Engine Support Bar

    Anyone in the south west area got the rear support bar for the back end of a late bay, to brace the engine?
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    Wanted: MIG Welder

    I'm after a MIG welder around 150 amp, anyone got anything? thanks
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    Wanted: R&R Hinges + Bus Shifter (Scat or CSP)

    Hi, I'm after some Westfalia R & R hinges, maybe someone has a bed that fell to bits but has the hinges? Also I'm after a Scat or CSP shifter for my bay. thanks