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  1. mcvw

    Volksworld Show 2024

    Also, this year's show is tagged a 'plus' as they are partnering with Classic Porsche and on the Sunday they have 'retro' water cooled VW's. Not sure what years retro covers. If they continue this each year, it could be the end of volksworld as we knew it :(
  2. mcvw

    My 68 Westy - as time goes by .....

    That looks bloody amazing! I can't even find a single garage to rent down here!
  3. mcvw

    Volksworld Show 2024

    Shame, but makes sense. My bus still isn't usable and I was really hoping to get have it at the show for.2024. Roll.on 2025!!
  4. mcvw

    Show us your daily

    My 'daily' for the past three and half months (currently out of contract) LOL!
  5. mcvw

    Buttys Bits - Charity Stickers

    I should order something - if only to get a sticker or two :) Can't remember if I've got a throttle kit already or not though - will have a look under the bus and check next time I'm at the workshop LOL!
  6. mcvw

    1967 Neptune Blue Deluxe

    What's up with the dodomat foam layer? I've heard it's really good for use on the floor sections etc
  7. mcvw

    1967 Neptune Blue Deluxe

    Have you tried dodomat? I've used it in my bus - on the recommendation of my mate who's an upholsterer. He says it's as good as Dynamat but much cheaper.
  8. mcvw

    Merry Christmas

    Well done to you! We've had a very quiet Xmas - weird considering we're usually overrun by our kids and their partners - and ever weirder as our two eldest girls both produced granddaughters earlier this year! Still, I'm sure next year things will return to normality! Roll on 2024!!!
  9. mcvw

    Deluxe trim bits

    Hey Si, No, they're still available - including a length of the rubber insert too :D
  10. mcvw

    1967 Neptune Blue Deluxe

    What year is your bus - that support bar looks like a later one (I thought your bus was an early)?
  11. mcvw


    Ditto - plus, Slough was a do-able excuse to go look at rusty bits of metal in a car park/sports hall, but Newbury is twice as far and doesn't quite have the same motivation :D
  12. mcvw

    van covers

    Another vote for the Maypole cover. My bus has been outside under the cover - after being painted - for about a year now and still looks amazing :)
  13. mcvw

    1970 Scooby Powered Hightop

    Might have been easier - but it would cost you a hell of lot more. And to be honest, unless you know/trust the bodyshop (or can visit regularly to see progress) would you know the actual work they do? Whereas you know exactly what you have/haven't done :)
  14. mcvw

    Polzeath, Cornwall - this afternoon, not too shabby!

    We were down there in May (the week before Run To The Sun) for a mates stag. Glorious weather and great surfing (my first time - will definitely go again) - nice little rum bar on the edge of the beach too :D
  15. mcvw

    Vehicle For Sale 1968 Tintop Early Walkthrough Microbus

    His profile says 'Isle of Wight', so I guess you could assume that's where the bus is - or maybe just send him a DM. Looks like a solid bus to me (from the pics and description)
  16. mcvw

    1970 San Francisco westfalia resto

    I'm sure he tucked in a d&b mix of 'combine harvester' for you tractor boyz :P
  17. mcvw

    1970 San Francisco westfalia resto

    And no manikini's either by the looks of it! Bummer I missed Grazy's set!!
  18. mcvw

    Other activities ?

    Sounds pretty much perfect to me :D
  19. mcvw

    Other activities ?

    Another cyclist (road/off road/some bmx)/gig goer/crate digger/footy fan here. One grankid arrived this July and another expected in November. Don't expect to have much time for myself in the next ten years + 😀
  20. mcvw

    Belly Pans - Are They Necessary?

    Might get some ally ones fabbed up - gotta be cheaper than some NOS ones?