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    No Rad Garage

    Hi guys, I just wondered if anyone has used No Rad? The guys seem to know what they are doing. Regards Dan
  2. K

    Tyre size and Handling

    My Van had 185/60/14 when I got it. Input 185R14c on it. What is the lowest profile I could put on without compromising the gearing etc on standard wheels? Driving wise mine is fine, it’s lowered on an adjuster and turned the splines on the back.
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    Parts For Sale Various parts for sale

    Other images to follow been a busy week at work 🤦‍♂️
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    Parts For Sale Various parts for sale

    Hi it’s the whole lot, all used. Just want space in the garage
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    Parts For Sale Various parts for sale

    As above I have a few parts I’m selling. Westy Louvre window £125 Pair of Weber 40 IDF carbs £200 A pair n/s &o/s middle 3/4 windows and seals. £60 If you want any information on these please PM me for images. They will be loaded soon. I would prefer collecting but will post at buyers cost and...
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    Vehicle diagnostic tool

    I understand that! Just thought that with a forum full of amateur mechanics that people would probably use one on their daily’s from to time. Obviously they don’t
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    Vehicle diagnostic tool

    Anyone have any advice??
  8. K

    Vehicle diagnostic tool

    Hi guys I’m looking at getting a diagnostic tool for various motors. I just wondered what you use? I’ve use some launch tools and they seem ok. Some are seriously expensive compared to others. Any advice would be appreciated Regards Dan
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    How obsessed ?

    I’m probably a 1! Mine has been pretty much parked up since 2020 other than doing a wedding for a family friend. I only done 4 miles last year. I have got it up and running this year and gone for a few drives. There are a few jobs that I need to get sorted so I have started to do them. The...
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    Parts Wanted Overiders

    Hi I’m looking for a good set of overiders if anyone has anything? Regards Dan
  11. K

    Dash light fault

    I took images, removed everything. Placed them back in the correct place. Bit odd for all the bulbs to go.
  12. K

    Dash light fault

    Hi I just had my dash out due to a rattle and now I can’t get my high beam and dash illumination working. Any ideas? Have I done something stupid 🤦‍♂️ Regards Dan
  13. K

    Parts Wanted Twin carbs

    Webber 40 IDF just waiting until the summer is done and I will get the engine sorted. Hopefully I get plenty of use out of it next summer 👍
  14. K

    Engine running rough

    If you have points check the gap. They could have slipped
  15. K

    Hey all!

    Welcome, some great advice above. Get a van that’s rock solid. The other parts can be replaced/repaired. Lots of good vans about but also lots of bad vans around. Regards Dan
  16. K

    Tow Bar fitment with non standard exhaust

    I do actually have a spare early tow bar system here that I would sell if you want it to modify
  17. K

    Tow Bar fitment with non standard exhaust

    I will be in the same boat soon. I think it will be a case of modifying the tow bar around the exhaust system.