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  1. sam@bugeyeddesigns

    Volksworld Show 2022 19th-20th March 2022

    As long as my saturday ticket is still valid i'll be going (Sam Maycock)
  2. sam@bugeyeddesigns

    Volksworld Show 2020/1 Cancelled

    Can I please put my name down for the just saturday list please.
  3. sam@bugeyeddesigns

    Gene Berg Shifter

    Where's the best place to buy a Berg shifter?
  4. sam@bugeyeddesigns

    Spa ??????

    Buy tickets on the gate Get there early on the Thursday at the latest- they've reduced the camping areas so it fills up pretty rapidly Leaving on Monday morning is the best idea as there's still plenty going on the Sunday (Be prepared that it will make all UK shows seem crap!)
  5. sam@bugeyeddesigns

    Wanted: Hightop roof

    Hightop roof wanted: Adventurewagen or commercial Please phone: 07538988438 if you've got one or know where there is one
  6. sam@bugeyeddesigns

    Mater from San Lorenzo

    Those tyres look great! Is there any increase in road noise? I went for 195/80r15 8 plys but your bus makes me think I should have gone for some BFGoodriches Stock height is where its at :D
  7. sam@bugeyeddesigns

    Adding a servo to drums (No disks)

    I went for this one (remote servo) Popular on the SSVC
  8. sam@bugeyeddesigns

    3/4 OG roofrack for sale

    Bourne, lincolnshire
  9. sam@bugeyeddesigns

    3/4 OG roofrack for sale

    Not many of this type of rack around. Painted white a few years ago Really solid rack Comes with 6 clamps £290
  10. sam@bugeyeddesigns

    High is the new Low - my 71 camper

    Nah you need the front a bit higher than the back...
  11. sam@bugeyeddesigns

    15 inch Steels For Sale

    Pair of 15 inch steels for sale 4.5J x15 No holes for hubcaps clips. Could be type three rims Believed to be NOS. Same size as early split rims £100 collected from Bourne, Lincs
  12. sam@bugeyeddesigns

    New engine and NO power

    Was the engine builder Steve Strong Engines?
  13. sam@bugeyeddesigns

    Remote brake servo

    I'm looking for some feedback from those who have fitted them. I have plumbed mine in but there doesn't seem to be much improvement. (It's a 68 with drums all round) The pedal is rather hard and seems to push back when braking. The standard test to check if a servo is working is: With the...
  14. sam@bugeyeddesigns

    Viva Skeg Vegas 2015

    Can you just turn up on the day to be in stock lineup?
  15. sam@bugeyeddesigns

    Earlybay T-shirts

    Yep just paypal to bugeyeddesigns@
  16. sam@bugeyeddesigns

    Earlybay T-shirts

    I've got some earlybay T-shirts left over from my printing days. Little bit creased due to being stored but all brand new. Printed on Gilden Heavy T-shirts 1 Large 2 small 2 Large 2 Medium £8 each including postage Paypal to [email protected]
  17. sam@bugeyeddesigns

    3/4 OG roofrack for sale

    £350 can deliver to Stanford Hall