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    1972 Rhd crossover lowered & narrowed.

    Bump - any constructive criticism on my ad is welcomed! :msn4:
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    1972 Rhd crossover lowered & narrowed.

    For sale is our much loved campervan “Winston.” He’s a 1972 UK Rhd, bay window, cross over, walk through model. We have owned him since 2007 and in that time have enjoyed lots of good times in him, holidays to Newquay, Woolacombe, the new forest, plus many days out and lots of VW shows!! He was...
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    for sale - isofix mount

    ill take this please. I've sent a pm.
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    Rear seatbelts?

    lovely cheers for the replies!
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    Rear seatbelts?

    Firstly sorry if I should of put this in tech! I'm in need of some advice, I've got a '72 crossover converted panel van that I need to put 3 point seatbelts in the back of for my baby boys car seat, being a converted panel van im guessing there aren't mounting points, how have people gone about...
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    isofix in a bay?

    Both of those options sound good, if you could get some pictures that would be well handy! Cheers for the response!
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    isofix in a bay?

    Has anyone fitted the isofix system into there bay? if you have could you pass on any details on what was involved, it would be very much appreciated! Cheers.
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    Super slammed 70 deluxe

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    MyVanWay California Westfalia tintop....

    That looks amazing! It's really changed the whole attitude of your bus. 8)
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    1969 Portugese Panel Van

    cool video and lovely dog!
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    71 Sierra Yellow, OG paint refresh

    This is by far my favourite bus on here at the moment i love it! 8)
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    Spa 2015 Dates?

    Does anybody know if the dates for the 2015 spa show have been announced? cheers!
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    72 westy

    i really like that, it looks proper mean!
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    FS: KYB Excel G shocks

    If that falls through i'd like them! cheers!
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    Buttys bits

    Just fitted mine (rhd crossover one) went together easily and has made a big improvement, oh and i got a sticker :msn4: Cheers butty!
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    What rear shocks are people running?

    As per title really, my van got an mot today but with an advisory that the rear shocks really do need replacing sooner rather than later, my vans lowered on adj springplates on the rear, the guy who looks after it for me recommended beetle shocks but i was just after any other opinions?? Cheers...
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    Genuine vw ignition switch - where to buy?

    cheers for the replys - im still looking though!