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  1. slammedresto

    69 French import £12k

    Anymore pics and details please
  2. slammedresto

    Clearout earlybay, Westfalia,beetle and notch parts

    Parts are as follows, all plus postage, or collection from Braintree Essex Pics to follow Bay/Westfalia bits hella indicator lense £15 Hella red reflector £10 Hella orange reflector £10 Microbus spare wheel holder £20 Original washer bottler £20 Westfalia cool box stench pipe £30 Westfalia...
  3. slammedresto

    Few of my other toys

  4. slammedresto

    Few of my other toys

    Yeah, Exeter. It's changed a little since then
  5. slammedresto

    Few of my other toys

    Yup it does
  6. slammedresto

    Vintage coolers/picnic baskets and fuel cans for sale

    What coolers have you got left pls bud
  7. slammedresto

    Various Westfalia decals/stickers

    Westfalia horse logo sticker x2 £7.50 posted for both Genuine Westfalia Logo script £12 posted Smaller Westfalia script stickers £2 each posted Blue or white
  8. slammedresto

    Sort out, westy odds and ends, various bits,

    Lense is sold Will do both the westy winders for 35
  9. slammedresto

    Few of my other toys

    And the water pumper
  10. slammedresto

    Few of my other toys

    1955 3100 Chevy truck
  11. slammedresto

    Few of my other toys

    Few of my other toys I've collected recently 67 Aussie ckd bug, all og paint,slammed and on air
  12. slammedresto

    slammedresto new sunroof deluxe project

    Bit more done since I last checked in Vanwerks interior nearly in, new ply panels fitted r