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  1. JLT

    Unknown knob

    It isn't for the ejection seat?
  2. JLT

    A few snapshots from Buses by the Bridge 27. “The bridge” refers to the London Bridge which, for some reason, is here in Arizona. About 600 buses.

    Yes, that's an old rumor. I talked to one of the engineers who designed the modern structure that the original stonework covered, and he confirmed that they were given detailed specifications of the bridge so that McCulloch could make a proper bid on it. Mr. McCulloch examined those plans...
  3. JLT

    Does anyone remember ?

    For me, it was the sight of a bus parked on the side of the road with its engine compartment hatch open. (VW beetles the same.) Even if it wasn't the cause of the breakdown, it was a sign that the driver needed help.
  4. JLT

    Vacuum or non vacuum advanced ?

    Not my experience. I've been running a Brosol 30/31 (Brazilian replacement for the Solex) with a SVDA distributor with Pertronix ignition for about thirteen years without issues. Our local air-cooled shop says that they've had good luck with that combination.
  5. JLT

    Windscreen wiper switch bypass Early Bay 1968?

    Thanks. I found another wiring diagram that looks to be about the same. Now for getting that puppy out from under the dash, and sourcing a replacement motor if this one turns out to be bad.
  6. JLT

    Windscreen wiper switch bypass Early Bay 1968?

    This is a timely issue for me, since I discovered last winter that while the low speed on my wipers works fine, the high speed has quit working entirely. Now I have the information I need to feed power directly to #53b and see what happens. (I don't think it's the switch, though. I swapped it...
  7. JLT

    Where's folks from ?

    In these here parts, "southwest' means Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and southern California. But there are probably more VW buses per capita on the road there than anywhere else in the world, due to the hospitable climate.
  8. JLT

    CV joint- is this bad?

    I don't have much to add to this discussion about bad parts, but I do get as many critical parts as I can from my local VW garage (Kombi Haus in Sacramento, California). I don't mind paying the higher prices, because they sell me the same stuff they fit to their customers' buses and cars, and...
  9. JLT

    Your bus right now.

    Pretty happy with my bus. There are a few things... windshield wiper motor won't work on high, electric windshield washer fluid pump I installed isn't working, and there are a few rust spots I need to throw some paint on when the weather gets drier. And I still need to replace the vinyl on my...
  10. JLT

    Hello from Germany :-)

    You're not the Jens who is married to Julia, the photographer, are you? If you are, we miss you two.
  11. JLT

    Soles 30-31 and SVDA

    Or, as I've heard it, "Buy once, cry once."
  12. JLT

    Reversing Lights? Do they have them?

    Thank you, Clem.
  13. JLT

    Reversing Lights? Do they have them?

    That's a good point, although I don't see much sense in setting limits on the intensity of reverse lights. It's not like they'r going to blind oncoming cars.... But I guess regulators have to do what they have to.
  14. JLT

    Reversing Lights? Do they have them?

    Static talked me into it. They made a big difference.
  15. JLT

    Today’s California camping photo

    Static took this picture of my bus on the same weekend, at the same place:
  16. JLT

    Fuel sender unit

    If they have the same part number, you could probably interchange them. If they don't, there's a reason why VW made two different models.
  17. JLT

    Dormobile original check bunk material..

    I might be interested if the price was right. The main complication is that I'm in the US. I took out the bunks themselves to save weight, since I don't use them, but I've stored them in my cellar. Do you have originals in good enough condition to make a template/pattern for new ones?
  18. JLT

    New book on VW buses and campers

    Well, it's out. I was planning on a release date of November 12 (the 67th anniversary of the debut of the VW Bus), but things have moved a little faster than expected, so here we are. The link to the Amazon store is at:" onclick=";return...
  19. JLT

    honest opinion required

    I did much the same thing with my Westy ... took out the buddy seat and replaced it with a galley cabinet with a two-burner stove on top. I also "hacked" a cabinet to go over the recess for the spare tire (which I moved to the front of the bus). I used a Westie Wardrobe cabinet for parts. My...
  20. JLT

    What lights do you lot have inside?

    I've replaced all the festoon bulbs in the interior with LEDs. You can get them with varying amounts of LED elements (up to 24, I think) to modulate the amount of lights you want. Your current drain while camping will be drastically reduced. I've also installed a few extra fixtures in my...