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  1. Z

    Front discs

    I'm looking at doing a front disc brake conversion. Don't know what to go for. I'm running dropped spindles so not sure what will fit them. I have looked but unsure
  2. Z

    Wanted exhaust

    I'm after a non standard exhaust for my bay with over riders
  3. Z

    Interior light for 71 deluxe wanted

    Also looking for 2 interior lights
  4. Z

    Wanted - Windscreen and rear seat

    I have a rear seat in Lincolnshire
  5. Z

    Wiring/dash removal

    Thanks I’ll do that.
  6. Z

    Wanted front bench seat for early bay

    I have a standard bench. Needs a retrim
  7. Z

    Wiring/dash removal

    I want to get at the wiring behind my dash how is is the speedo pods to get out or top of the dash