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    Bristol Volksfest

    hi oz,ive got it,pop down on your break and you can pick it up
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    Have a check to make sure the back of the pulley isn't gnawing it's way into the front of the alternator
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    Take the fuel pump off?.come and borrow a c spanner?.lift the fan housing up and just wiggle the alt out?
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    Mirrored glasses were fashionable one trying to start a new retro trend
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    Midlands Swap Meet

    Yes I thought it was great event.tables of real spares(not tat) to buy.i did see you but you were busy chatting. Exactly the type of event we need and enough to look at in the carpark
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    Bristol volksfest

    The weekend I think but we haven't booked yet
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    Bristol volksfest

    I'll be there with the gang
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    Lights on - but nobody home - WTAF !

    I would change the lighting relay.i had an intermittent flat battery problem on my early 30 years ago .I looked outside one night and my lights were full on.changed the relay and never had the problem again
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    I've got some oz
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    it is winter,get on with it
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    Carburretor Quiz

    I've had new rods and guides so tight that you can't get the pushrod in the guide,so with a hot engine and expansion etc would/could be the problem
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    Weobley dubs at the castle

    I've got the banner if anyone wants to take it,ie Oz
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    carb jetting

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    Dubs At The Castle

    We,ll be there
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    Do your Kids love busses?

    My 2 boys love the bus/camper/fasty/beetle etc and have spent every holiday/show either in one or by the side of one in a tent/awning.they still come with us now and they are 19 and 21
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    Show us your daily

    Here it is
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    Show us your daily

    My daily
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    Dubs At The Castle 2022 Early Bay VIP Camping Thread

    Hopefully we will be able to make it Nick,claire,Harry and Teddy
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    New to EarlyBay ? Say Hi here ...

    Hi Oz and everybody else. I've arrived on the forum.