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  1. LittlestHobo

    1971 RHD High Top

    Despite my best attempts to keep the bus unfortunately my wife is adamant so dropping the price to sell: £13, 500
  2. LittlestHobo

    1971 RHD High Top

    Price drop £16,000 More photos:
  3. LittlestHobo

    1971 RHD High Top

    For Sale my 1971 RHD camper van. Pics are here and many more available upon request: I have owned this for 8 years having imported it from Indonesia where it was restored by Yudi Yumos (see here...
  4. LittlestHobo

    Spindle advice needed!

    Thanks for the advice - have decided to stay with stock and live with the scoring for now. The guys from Midland were very helpful and thought they may have a stock spindle if I needed one.
  5. LittlestHobo

    Spindle advice needed!

    Hi, This is only the second time I have picked up a spanner in anger so please excuse my naivety/ stupidity. I am in the middle of refurbing my front brakes due to a the driver side caliper getting stuck. In the process of this I've realised my bearings are fried and this has led to scoring the...
  6. LittlestHobo

    Wanted: Bunk fittings and fixtures

    Hi, I'm after 2 bunks or just devon bunk fixtures/ fittings so I can fit two overhead bunks to my hightop if anyone has any or ideas on alternatives - need to find somewhere to put the kids! (Not going for the front bunk option) Cheers Simon
  7. LittlestHobo

    Spray Job

    Hi All, I need a bare metal spray job for my 71 Hi-top. Don't think there is much filler but probably best investigated. Bottom of both doors need patching. Solid and waxoiled bottom, arches etc. Can anyone recommenced anyone in the Southampton/ Hampshire area? Any idea how much I should pay...
  8. LittlestHobo


    Thanks Mike, When I've got some more cash I'm hoping to fit some front drop spindles. Do you know if I can still use the same koni shocks? Or is it better to fit cheap shocks for now and splash out on different sized konis when I'm doing the drop? Cheers Simon
  9. LittlestHobo


    Hi Guys, I'm looking to fit new front shocks as the bushes on mine are shot due to 18 months of non use as we had a new arrival.... (We're now back on the road and back adding to the todo list!) Looks like Koni are the top shocks on the block but I'm slightly confused as they seem to do a...
  10. LittlestHobo


    Isle of Wight - forecast looks amazing..
  11. LittlestHobo


    Going to Bestival this weekend...first festival with the van... Anyone had any problems with security etc at festivals? Any advice? Anyone else going?
  12. LittlestHobo

    What did you do with your early bay today

    Fitted a split charge relay...drilled some drainage holes in bottom of doors..sealed...
  13. LittlestHobo

    Possibly about to buy a 1970 early bay t2

    This is a good guide I used." onclick=";return false; Thanks to this guide I ended up with a rhd, fairly rust free (bit at the bottom of doors) completely dry underneath with no welding structurally sound...
  14. LittlestHobo

    Waxoyl hampshire

    Can anyone recommend a good waxoyl service in Hampshire or south coast? Cheers..
  15. LittlestHobo

    rear brake preasure regulator

    Thanks for the tips anyone know where I can get a refurb kit from, o rings etc? Cheers
  16. LittlestHobo

    rear brake preasure regulator

    Cheers guys, going to have a go at taking the part off myself, anything I need to be mindful of? Is it just a case of taking it off (taking pictures!). Do I need to worry about pressure in the pipes, brake fluid etc etc? Cheers
  17. LittlestHobo

    rear brake preasure regulator

    Yeah it is leaking a bit, my mechanic has just replaced a master cylinder (it being brakes and me being a newbie it wasn't something i wanted to tackle myself). Now the preassure seems low and there appears to be air in the system even after bleeding it 3 times.....arghhh its failing the MOT on...
  18. LittlestHobo

    rear brake preasure regulator

    Anyone know where I can get one from? Or of I can get a reconditioning kit? It would appear mine is fooked...
  19. LittlestHobo

    electrical advice needed..

    Brum Brum, finally started!! only problem is I've fried the alternator..where is the best place to get a replacement? Thanks everyone for their help..
  20. LittlestHobo

    The "I've got my BTI approval letter through" thread

    I brought mine into the country on the 5% comm code...paid the 5% vat I now need to send some documents and a form to customs so they can issue me with some paperwork which says the correct tax has been paid which then enables me to register the vehicle with DVLA etc... So hopefully no need...