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    Air cooled attendance at shows?

    Nearly mentioned Lavernham, it’s on next year June 19th - 21st I’ll be checking that out !
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    Air cooled attendance at shows?

    For me it’s simply about seeing a lot of quality air cooled motors, if there’s not many attending I don’t bother. Most UK shows are now full of water coolers which don’t do anything for me. If I can make it I attend Stanford Hall,Skeg and Volksworld but I’d rather save my money and go to a big...
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    4” French Slammer Beam - now with pic

    It’s LHD, it’s built for early/late bays. You would have to drill some new holes to fit a split I’d have thought and thanks it’s a great beam and it gives a nice ride shame it’s got to go really
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    4” French Slammer Beam - now with pic

    Yep no trouble, wots your email address ?
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    4” French Slammer Beam - now with pic

    I would be prepared to meet somewhere as I know it’s a pain to get to. I wouldn’t split it right now. Thanks
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    4” French Slammer Beam - now with pic

    Hi, they were on the bus when I bought it and it was running drums but I’ve been running a Porsche brake setup on them. I’m in Cleethorpes.
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    4” French Slammer Beam - now with pic

    FOR SALE : 4” French Slammer beam complete with dropped spindles, ready to bolt on, done less than 500 miles £1000 ono
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    Wanted: LHD Front Beam for 1970 Bay

    I’ll have a complete ready to bolt on 4” French Slammer beam in the next week or so, done less than 500 mile since fitted
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    tmi seat covers

    Wot colour dude, basket weave ?
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    WTD:Westy Cargo Net

    Yeah I’m after a rear cargo net, fits where the later overhead locker goes. Fitted to Early Westys.
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    WTD:Westy Cargo Net

    Hi, I’m after a Westy Cargo Net if anyone has one spare ? Seem to be a rare item to find, mine was missing when I bought Tex. Thanks Andy
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    FOR SALE: Flat Four Sprints

    Set of Flat Four Sprints 15x5 (the expensive ones) for sale complete with good tyres. Wheels are immaculate as I’ve taken the lacquer off and polished them. Fronts new nearly 165/50/15, Rears 185/65/15. £400 Pics on request as they’re too big to put on here. Thanks Andy
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    WTD:Set of Late Split Trailing Arms

    WTD: Set of Late Split Trailing Arms Hi, I’m after a set of trailing arms for a K&L beam if anyone has a set kicking around. Thanks Andy
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    WANTED - Working Vacuum Oil Bath for 71 bay

    Asking £30 posted dude. Think the carb pipe has a split in it though. You can buy new ones from C&C I believe. Thanks Andy
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    😂😂 just had an email from Tinypic saying they are shutting down ! Wots next I wonder ?!
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    Tried everything above and still won’t work ?! Just says it’s uploading.......wait ? Why are we even using this !! Wot was wrong with the image uploader we had before ? Can’t upload a fecking thing now !
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    Anyone know how to upload pics now ?
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    1969 Portugese Panel Van

    Bus looks great dude ! Loving the Sprints and you’ve took some superb pics