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    Dormobile and leisure battery questions

    I’d be interested in that. Got a contact?
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    Your bus right now.

    Love mine but there is always stuff to do, couple of blisters that need sorting at some point, 240v hook up, get the radio working, heater would be good and the cushions need re-covering. Would also like to go for a 3” narrowed beam at some point as I get a bit of tire rub. All in good time 👍
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    71 Dormobile

    Thanks Mike - had a look at your thread and that seems just the job, simple - I like that too.
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    my first double cab 1971

    Where did you get those seat covers from?
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    71 Dormobile

    Thanks Mike. I see you put a petrol heater in Monty - that makes a lot of sense tapping off the fuel tank. Do you have a link to the one you used? Will check out GB foam.
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    71 Dormobile

    Some pics from today, next jobs are leisure electrics & hook up, maybe one of those diesel heaters. I want to take my time over these as the interior is original and I want to make it 'fit'. Also at some point the cushions for the seat/bed and buddy seats need to be re-covered and filed with...
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    71 Dormobile

    Probably about time for an update! I did a bootcamp at T2D and had them check it over. Issues were many and varied, bearings, shocks, steering box, brakes, clutch and to top it off a load of end float and an engine on the way out. :( Should have been more clued up and not bought the first one...
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    71 Dormobile

    Thanks Mike, will look at that over the winter, (1st priority is fitting a new garage door so I can get it out of the weather! Have read all your Monty thread - nice bus and some great trips you've had!
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    71 Dormobile

    This is our 71 Dormobile. New to VWs, bought it for some adventures away with the family :D Its pretty much standard inside and out, original Dormi interior. A previous owner having done a lot of work restoring it. Would like to do a few bits to it over the next few years, leisure battery...