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  1. NigelDenham

    Brake upgrade

    Is it a remote servo you’re trying to fit? My kit was just an oem-style servo (Brazilian) with master cylinder attached, fitted directly to the beam. I was lucky that I had a bracket already on the beam. If not you have to weld one on (came with the kit)
  2. NigelDenham

    What am I doing wrong

    I used one of the Buttys bits attachments with a three legged puller…..took a LOT of pressure before it came off (flew off) with a big bang
  3. NigelDenham

    Does anyone do a rack and pinnion steering conversion ?

    I was looking into this a while back, quite liked the Suzuki/Bedford rascal rack, as when you see the setup on the donor the whole steering layout is so similar to vw’s. But, good racks are hard to come by, and it seems modded arms are needed. I’ve seen threads with people using Astra racks or...
  4. NigelDenham

    Late bay brake callipers and R14 wheels

    Yep, have late callipers on my 71 with stock steels, they are close though, a file would sort any rub
  5. NigelDenham

    Track Rods, ends and tracking.

    I would just add to the advice about first centering the steering box, so it’s on the “tight” section at mid-point. Mine had been set up right on the edge which made trying to keep in a straight line interesting. Then just work out from there.
  6. NigelDenham

    Engine Misfire/Fuel Starve Issue

    As Ossiedog says, that’s a good trick to completely bypass the ignition switch ect., and you know you’re getting power straight to the coil…..just remember not to leave it connected too long without it running or you can cook the coil.
  7. NigelDenham

    van covers

    Just been looking myself. Carparts4less have the maypole covers for £69 at present.
  8. NigelDenham

    Tyre size and Handling

    I had exactly the same..much better once centred and adjusted
  9. NigelDenham

    Drum Spindles, dropped or otherwise

    I had to fit 72-on callipers to my ‘71 model. All it seemed to be was the later calliper mounting bolts are larger diameter, and the disc offset is slightly different. So you use special sleeve/ spacer like a top hat to take up the slack and move the calliper over a little. As I remember the...
  10. NigelDenham

    No numbers on engine cases

    Just wondered if anyone else has no engine numbers stamped on their cases? I’m assuming they’re OE replacement or more likely aftermarket? do you do anything about it or just not bother. There is nothing recorded on the V5
  11. NigelDenham

    Oil bath thermostat

    Yes, I do have those in place. They don’t seem to mention or show them in either my Bentley book or Haynes manual. These are what I was thinking of, the larger cylinder plates.
  12. NigelDenham

    Oil bath thermostat

    Have you had dealings with Desi? just I’ve been bitten before getting parts off fb
  13. NigelDenham

    Oil bath thermostat

    Don’t count on it.….There’ll be something!
  14. NigelDenham

    Parts Wanted Thermostat and flaps wanted

    Just been put onto a guy called Desi Yates on Facebook? He appears to have a whole heap of flaps and linkages, plus I saw a thermostat bracket and some rods in the photos he posted recently
  15. NigelDenham

    Oil bath thermostat

    Seem to be called cylinder air deflection plates or baffles. I’ve got those, and a set of seals.
  16. NigelDenham

    Oil bath thermostat

    I’ll try Desi Yates, thanks
  17. NigelDenham

    Oil bath thermostat

    Right. I found a good series of 16 videos from awesome powder coat which goes through the steps to install everything. So seems like I’m missing the “hoover bit”and both lower air deflectors (as you mentioned). Everything else I seem to have. I thought an air cooled vw motor would be simple…..I...
  18. NigelDenham

    Oil bath thermostat

    can’t see anything like that, bugger. I’ll have to go through everything and compare it to the exploded view I’ve got why do people junk all this stuff?
  19. NigelDenham

    Oil bath thermostat

    Just looked that up, never heard of that before. no, none fitted on mine……yet another thing that’s missing! seems difficult to get hold of, so may have to make one from the plans that are about on ‘tinternet thanks for pointing that out for me, appreciate it👍