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    Sold 1972 Bay Restoration Project [REDUCED]

    Restoration project which is being sold due to illness and loss of garage where it has been stored during the project. One previous owner from new - this is the one year only 1972 model. Underside has not has any welding done - in exceptional condition for year, all jacking points excellent...
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    Volksworld Show 2024

    The last 2 shows just felt a little flat in my opinion, I usually take the kids along and its an enjoyable day out for them, but compared to pre-covid shows I'm just not feeling the same buzz and excitement despite what is being shouted across the PA...
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    Wanted instrument panel terminal for fuel gauge

    I think I have a NOS fuel gauge for the instrument panel if the offer offer doesn't work out...
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    Cab Door Seal Question

    GSF - interesting I didn't know that they supplied bus parts such as rubbers. Unfortunately seems they have no stock, so guessing they are discontinued.
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    Cab Door Seal Question

    Does anyone have any experience with the cheaper cab door seals. Feel like I've spent more on rubbers for my bus than just about anything else - seems there are non-German quality available for around 30 quid a pair. I'm ok if that means I have to replace them soon, as long as they do the job...
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    Westfalia Canvas - early vs new

    Thanks all - yeah seems the roof rack on the later bays is a lot smaller meaning the hinged part increased on the later models.
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    Westfalia Canvas - early vs new

    Does anyone know the difference between an early and late bay Westfalia canvas. Of course I am aware that the late bays are rear hinged, but are the dimension also different? Just realised that the canvas I picked up a few years ago has 74-79 on the box, I can't be sure that the box is original...
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    Vehicle For Sale [SOLD] 1970 Early Bay RHD Devon Eurovette FOR SALE

    Back up for sale and reduced. The plan was to paint the bus and keep it but with a recent addition to the family and the ULEZ expansion into the North and South Circular Roads I need to buy a family daily runner car. Please PM for price details or if you want more details on the history of the...
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    European Insurance Cover……BE WARNED.

    I had similar rear quarter damage to my bus when I rolled back down a car park ramp and hit a pillar (also in Spain). Just make sure the bed above the engine hasn't folded slightly as mine did. I didn't realise until 20 years after the incident that mine had suffered in this way.
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    Vehicle For Sale [SOLD] 1970 Early Bay RHD Devon Eurovette FOR SALE

    This is a UK spec RHD walk-through 1970 Early Bay with a Devon Eurovette Conversion. The body is super straight with original paint –offering plenty of genuine patina. No shiny new paint is hiding any horror repairs and no filler is to be found. The interior is also original with a pull-out...
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    Who to contact for ads?

    Thanks - I now have the button to make a post. Unfortunately I don't have my own Paypal account and so had to use a friends - apologies for the confusion.
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    Who to contact for ads?

    Does anyone know who or how I can contact an admin, I have made a donation +24 hours ago to post a bus listing for sale but can't post. Johnny the site admin is non-contactable, can anyone else help? Thank you.
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    Link for advert subscription not working

    Hi I just made a £5 donation to post a bus for sale post - how can I get access to make the post. Thanks in advnace.
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    Link for advert subscription not working

    Hi - how do I make a donation to be able to post? Thanks.
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    Painting Westfalia Pop-yop

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has painted a westfalia fibreglass pop-top? There was a recent article in Volksworld detailing restoration steps,before apply the top coat it said to use a textured stone chip paint. I was under the impression that the finish was smooth rather than textured, or have...
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    Canvas Opinions

    Hi, Anyone got any opinions/experience of Wesfalia canvas? There seem to be two type available, a tan colour selling for around £170 and an orange one which is around £350. I used to own a bus with a tan canvas which in my opinion was fine and very good quality, but I have no idea if the...
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    WTD Wiper Arms

    Sorry should have mentioned, bus is a 1972